List of Best Things to Do in Bandung Indonesia

If you love nature, the countryside, and the fantastic outdoors, Bandung provides the perfect escape as you go towards Lembang for a quick city break. Hiking is one of the highest things to do on your own Bandung excursion if you want to relish surreal views, fresh air and tons of character. Depending on how long you have, there are lots of excellent hiking spots in Bandung to try.

Enjoy Mountain Views at Gunung Batu

The other adobe for nature lovers is this lovely hiking place in Lembang, North of Bandung. Gunung Batu is a sure shot way to receive your dose of outdoors and fall in love with the city of Bandung. This is my very first hike in Bandung with a few local couch surfers. Therefore it was my very first introduction to the culture and the true beauty of this mountain city and how I fell into love with Bandung and chose to stay for 11 months (instead of my first plan of 2 months). The hike starts from just above Dulang cafe in Lembang (which is an excellent beginning and ending point). It is short but tricky when you get towards the end and climb the large hill.

Hike to Sunset Point of Tebing Keraton

Among the greatest places to visit in Bandung for trekking is undoubtedly the sunset sunrise point – Tebing Keraton (aka Keraton Cliff). Back then, this small gem of a spot unexpectedly popped out from nowhere as a social networking hotspot. Suddenly, all the kids were posting concerning the epic sunsets in Tebing Keraton. Obviously, I had to see what the hype was all about. It is a short 25 min hike from the parking lot and you’re able to climb down to any of the cliff providing “on edge” views of the Dago forest below. Recall there are no rules, harnesses or any security staff on the spot – so be careful as you hedge out for all those Instagrammable shots.

Gawk at the Crater of Tangkuban Perahu

This magnificent active volcano is fairly much on everybody’s Bandung bucket checklist and one of the greatest Bandung attractions. Located only 30 km from the North towards Lembang, it’s the ideal day trip from Bandung or perhaps a picnic spot to enjoy with friends or family. Regardless of what is your reason for seeing Tangkuban perahu, it’s undoubtedly one of the greatest things to do in Bandung for many age groups.

Walk around Juanda Forest Park in Dago

The Juanda woods park in Dago pakar is made up of long twisting green trails, caves and heck even waterfalls. Input from gate no one and walk all of the way 4 km up to gate no 4 for a lovely day out.

Soak in a Hot Spring

From Ciwidey into Lembang, Bandung is a mecca for hot spring fans. It is possible to opt to stay in the hotel to indulge in rejuvenating spa treatments that end by using a dip in natural hot springs; or only get a one time trip for $3.5 — $5 (depending on the day of this week and the hot spring you select ).

Take a dip in Infinity Pool at Dulang Cafe

Dulang cafe proved to be one of my favourite hangouts in Bandung – especially for a relaxing day out. The cafe boasts of the beautiful infinity pool, overlooking green valley views. Taking a dip is free for all clients of the cafe and astonishingly, it is virtually never crowded. Certainly among the greatest things to do in Bandung to enjoy scenic views and completely recharge your batteries.

Photograph the stunning Kawah Putih

Situated in Ciwidey, approximately 50 km from Bandung, Kawah Putih or the white crater lake is just one of the most well-known places to see in Bandung and one of the highest things to do in Ciwidey. It is a wonderful weekend escape in Bandung but may just as readily be covered in a day trip. Let me warn you the pungent odour of sulfur could be overpowering here, but the breathtaking views more than compensate for this little distress. Barren branches of trees having an epic bay such as white lake backdrop loaf of fumes can be mystical and magical to check out.

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