Looking Back: Online Casino Trends that Transformed the Gaming Landscape

The huge, and still growing, the industry of casinos are considered to be somewhat a testament on how people like winning. With only a pull of a lever or a press of a button, a player can win hundreds to millions of dollars. Who would deny something so easy to play with, at the same time, so rewarding? Almost zero energy is exhausted when it comes to casinos because all that you will ever need is luck and plenty of money. Every day hundreds of people flock the casinos to test their luck, but today they all rely on online slot casinos created in Malaysia. Indeed, the pandemic has got plenty of countries to impose a lockdown to avoid the increase of the COVID-19 cases. Of course, unessential establishments were forced to halt their operations since no one will be going to their venue and risk themselves in contracting the virus. These establishments include the casinos that people used to go to when they need to unwind. Entertainment and leisure companies were the most affected since they are highly dependent on the physical social interactions of their customers. However, they always find a strategic way to profit, and that is to go online. 

What newcomers of casinos need to know is that online slot games did not exist because of this year’s pandemic. They have existed ever since the internet was created. However, in the succeeding years, they have been gradually improving the gaming experience. Soon enough, it has grown a remarkably large number of players, and this year has cemented the necessity of online casino gaming platforms! 

In this article, you will learn the trends that have boomed into the online casino gaming industry. Some of them might stay for many years, but some of them may not. Here are some trends that have made it easy for online gamers like you to play slots:


Gamification is the use of video gaming elements in a non-video game platform to promote key aspects of those specific platforms. In a simple sense, creators of online slot games in Malaysia are implementing video game characteristics in their platform! It is an effective strategy to get you to keep playing. It is certainly not a bad thing since the application of leaderboards, missions or quests, level-ups, and many more can help you in gaining more bonuses. This trend has long been ingrained in the online casino gaming that you cannot expect this to be gone any time soon.

Mobile platform design

Are you reading this article with your phone right now? If so, then you are one of the reasons why developers have created mobile application games! The abundance of smartphone users is seen as a great opportunity for software developers to create more mobile-focused web versions of new slot games, especially for the people who are on the go. If you go to a mobile app store right now, you will see that there thousands of online slot games that used to be accessible via website browsers only. Fortunately, creators of online casinos are giving you more reasons to relax and unwind without having to go to another place!

Live dealers

Creators will not stop in giving their audiences a real-like experience of casino gaming even when it is only through the screen. They understand the thrill that comes with playing in real life. They know that there are players who enjoy engaging in real and live dealers instead of relying on the instant results that algorithms give to them. Therefore, they have come up with the solution to provide the option of playing with a live dealer on their online gaming platform! It is expected that soon, this is a program that can be improved further!

Upgrading payment methods

If you have ever heard of cryptocurrency, then you are one step ahead of many players. Cryptocurrency is growing to become a popular payment method for online slot games in Malaysia and all over the world. It has also been used on other platforms in the marketing industry. Thus, there is no reason for online casinos to deny this convenient payment option to cater to more customers. It is safe and secure, likened to the available local bank transfers that platforms offer today!

Virtual reality gaming

Ever since the nifty invention of virtual reality or VR, a lot of industries have been trying to invest in it. Of course, the casino industry is one of them. It aims to give way to customers like you to have a more immersive casino gaming experience. With the health crisis showing slow progress, this might be an option that you will see for 2021! VR is opening gates to a virtual experience that imitates the experience of going into a casino establishment. Just this year, there have been demos for gambling games such as Jack and the Beanstalk slot machine game!

The future holds so much promise to online casino gamers in Malaysia and all over the world! However, it does not mean that you can no longer enjoy the classic slot games that exist today.

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