Love, distance and applications to combat isolation 

In times of a global pandemic, more and more countries are joining together and taking more stringent measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include quarantine, known as “Stay at Home”. This is something that forces a stop and a change in everything that is customary and routine in modern societies.

Something that affects everyone in all kinds of ways. There are four types of scenarios in which confinement can occur. The first is that it happens while living with the family, that is to say that you have to live with your parents, children, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins… The second case is with a partner only, whether married or not. The third is when you have to spend your quarantine with friends or flatmates, with whom you may have a better or worse relationship. Finally, it is possible to spend these days alone, with no other company than oneself.

In any case, these are not easy days. Forced to live together twenty-four hours without being able to go out, only for what is necessary and without being able to have physical contact. These are difficult times in which, in the end, creativity is the best ally. So much free time suddenly to do things at home. Everything that was always left for later because there was no room. 

But if there is one thing that quarantine has brought to light, it is the value of what you don’t have now. The physical contact, the hugs, kisses, being able to go out, see friends, your partner, the favourite Sheffield escort... everything beyond the screen. That outside world that little by little, is becoming stranger. So, what is the most popular thing to do to combat isolation among citizens in times of confinement?

Beyond the time to go out to the balcony or the window to applaud or sing with the neighbours, until now complete strangers, a multitude of brands, theatres, museums and other large companies have expanded their online content to make the time spent at home easier and more enjoyable. In any case, the most used way to continue the contact of acquaintances and lovers are:

  • Instant messaging apps: Although this was already widely used, applications such as Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Kakao Talk among others continue to be the most popular. They allow you to send photos, documents, audios and instant messages over the Internet. Some are more explicit than others, depending on the recipient. Although it is still the main reason for some couples’ or lovers’ discussions. The cause? Not answering and leaving as seen, ignoring for a long time and even answering but not in the expected way. Everything becomes freely interpreted and it is normal that misunderstandings arise. This is also the main method of contact for call girls in Bangalore as webs like Skokka are simple to use, direct and accessible to almost everyone. This could include social networks, where day-to-day content is published in a more or less beautiful and fun way so that we do not feel alone and share the respective realities of each one at home.
  • Video call apps: These are increasing in popularity these days for obvious reasons. Text and picture messages are no longer enough. Something else is needed, to be seen, live, even if it is from a distance and through a screen. Some of the above mentioned have included this service to complete their offer. This way more people use their applications. Others specialise in quality video calls of two or more people. Skype, HangOuts, HouseParty, Zoom or Gruveo are just some of them. With them, it is possible to continue to see friends, family or couples in these times. Even satisfy in some fun way that need for physical contact with the partner, lover or special friend. Sexting, virtual or phone sex have become the remedy of many to keep alive the flame of passion shortening the distance in times of Coronavirus.

  • Flirting apps and online portals: Although they seem unrealistic or practically useless right now given the situation, the creativity of some is surprising. Tinder, Meetic, Grindr, Match, Badoo or Happn, among others, meet with a multitude of people with too much free time and shut themselves away. This makes them come in, update their status, visit more profiles and even more eager to interact, talk and even meet more people even if the physical meeting of the first face-to-face date cannot be consummated. Who knows what may arise when after the quarantine is over, one can go out again? All those new friends you have made will be able to see each other in person and see what happens. The adult sector is also reinventing itself to be able to satisfy this new reality, such as the Skokka portal.
  • Online games and challenge apps: In case the monotony at home or interesting topics of conversation seem to come to an end, this can be a good resource. Hundreds of options to enjoy a good time in company. Laughter, complicity and something different. The typical board games such as parcheesi, pictionary and others are becoming popular again. Besides, the challenges can be more or less spicy and explicit, depending on who does it and for whom.
  • Music and video apps: listen to countless hours of music and videos online and even be able to share them and even dedicate them to others. It provides countless hours of entertainment.

Fdo.: Deborah Salas