Meeting an employment lawyer in Irvine? Ask these questions!

Probably, you were wrongfully terminated from the job, or have suffered sexual harassment from a supervisor. Any form of discrimination or harassment is unlawful and should be reported. Harassment is a form of discrimination too. Regardless of your circumstance, if you are meeting an Irvine employment lawyer for these reasons, you may want to ask the questions listed below. 

  • What is your initial assessment of my case?

Once you have shared all the relevant details, you can expect the employment lawyer to offer an overview of the case. This is absolutely important, so that you have a realistic idea of the possible outcomes. The lawyer will tell you everything that may happen, if you pursue the matter legally. Also, just because you believe that you have suffered harassment or discrimination, it doesn’t always mean that the case will hold. An employment lawyer can help you evaluate the situation better, including what can be proven in court. 

  • How much of experience do you have?

Find a lawyer who dedicates a considerable part of their practice to employment lawsuits and cases. Experience is key when it comes to employment laws, because these are subject to change and often inherently complicated to understand. You have to ensure that your lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours. Don’t shy away from asking about their top cases and get references for clients in Irvine. 

  • What will be the costs of my case?

Most employment law-related lawsuits, or a considerable number of cases, are settled through negotiation outside of court. However, this also depends on the facts of the case. If you end up filing a lawsuit against your employer, you may have to pay more in court costs and other expenses. Hiring an employment lawyer will also add to financial burden. Ask the attorney as how they will charge for their work. Unlike personal injury lawyers, who often work on a contingency basis in California, employment lawyers may not do the same. Some may charge a flat fee, others may charge an hourly rate, or can work o a contingency fee. 

Final word

There are many employees, who do not know how to deal with circumstances at work. For instance, if you have been getting lewd messages from a co-worker, how soon should you file a report with the HR?  What if your employer fails to take action? What if you are not happy with their action? An employment lawyer can offer the true advice you need.