Menorca: the perfect holiday’s getaway destiny

Months of heavy city-dwellers routine can make anybody’s  mind require a proper getaway to recover. Daily stress, city noise and pollution or even alarm clocks…all of those seem quite far away at the moment you set foot on Menorca, one of Spain best kept secret jewels.

Perfect white sand beaches bathed with crystal clear ocean water and its warm sun welcomes you from the very first day, inviting you to let all that would normally worry you go far away. Menorca villa holidays deals are a must see for any traveler planning a trip with a few months ahead, thus giving the traveler the peace of mind of having everything set for their next holidays in this little piece of paradise to be found in Spain’s Mediterranean ocean.

Contrary to its other most known siblings, Ibiza or Mallorca, this tranquility oasis is more oriented for those who want to have a peaceful getaway from the noise and, maybe, get in touch with nature in all of its forms; kayak exploration, hiking or bicycling tours or even sailing expeditions around the island that allows travelers to get in touch with the island’s biodiversity, Menorca offers a variety of activities for every tourist’s taste, including those who fancy just a bit of relaxation on the sand as the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore enact nature’s lullaby.

Exploring its well preserved architectonic beauty is another must-do during your trip to this paradisiacal island; Ciutadella and  Mahon, its largest port cities offer a very peculiar landscape where the traditional medieval structures, alongside its gothic style cathedrals contain modern restaurants and bars for each customer’s taste, creating a highly diverse environment that evokes the illusion of a past, simpler and quieter time  as it maintain all the comfort and advantages of the modern times.

The cities also offer a wide range of options in regards of quality food and wine which the island is very well known for; a trip to Menorca couldn’t be complete without booking a tour across its famous vineyard where the travelers. Fresh as the ocean around the island itself, the seafood that can be found in this island also varies in preparations and combinations, allowing the customers to enjoy a well deserved meal by the harbor, as they enjoy local drinks (such as Pomada) and watch the sun set on the horizon. Menorca packs a whole lot of experiences and peacefulness that definitely invites all of its visitors to come back.