Modern Kitchen Ideas for Younger Homeowners


Recent surveys show that the majority of today’s homebuyers belong to the millennial populace which is determined by those who are born between 1981 and 1996. And for them, the kitchen is the heart and soul of their sanctuary. After all, they regard the ability to cook as an essential indicator of successful adulting. From having modern kitchen cabinetry for storage to sprucing things up with personalized accents, these young homeowners have a penchant for a kitchen that’s hip, functional, and reflective of their character.

Investing in a home you can call your own? In this article, we’re taking you through several modern kitchen ideas for you to consider.

Airy, open layout. Breaking away from traditional residential floor plans, the millennial home sees the merging of the kitchen to the dining and living areas. When you browse through a modern kitchen photo galley, you’ll notice that many contemporary houses follow this trend — which is accentuated by a cohesive color palette and indoor plants that help distinguish one zone from another.

A flexible and integrated kitchen experience. Kitchens are an avenue for innovative design and construction solutions. This is especially true for young homeowners who are keen on creating a space that’s tailored to what they need now and what they’d demand in the future. This is why they invest in the so-called “flextension” trend. This is characterized by island units with integrated seating, extended breakfast bars, and countertops that can be used for home office work.

Built-in appliances and concealed storage. Another signature look of a young homeowner’s kitchen is the modern kitchen cabinetry they gravitate too. Contemporary kitchen designs typically feature full-on concealed storage, open shelving, or a clever combination of the two. And to further maximize kitchen space, built-in appliances are making their comeback and attracting buzz from the younger generation.

Natural and ambient lighting. A kitchen is not complete without proper lighting. And in this frontier, combining natural and ambient lighting continues to charm young homeowners. Task lighting is also essential to make one’s cooking experience more convenient and efficient. All these lighting elements make for a kitchen space that’s fresh with just the right flair for drama — whether it’s night or day.

The Two-toned kitchen. If you want to add more twist to your kitchen, opting for a two-toned kitchen can do the trick. And this trend can refer to both colors and textures. For instance, you might want to try pairing up dark-colored cabinetry with light wood flooring and lighter colors for the walls. Or, you can combine wood textures with concrete ones.

Personalized accessories and accents. When you look for pegs via a modern kitchen photo gallery, you’d also notice that many millennial kitchens are adorned with customized accessories and accents. This is a great way to create a cooking space that’s unique to your needs — and to your personality.

A smart and sustainable kitchen. With millennials being knowledgeable about the benefits of carbon emissions combined with of the use of smart technology, it doesn’t come as a surprise why more and more younger homeowners now prefer to have a smart and sustainable kitchen. Modern kitchen trends also give the spotlight to energy-efficient appliances and eco-friendly technologies.