Money-Making Side Hustles to do Alongside your 9 to 5 Job

Side hustles are becoming more and more common as young professionals lean towards entrepreneurship over a typical nine to five job. Long gone are the days of working for your boss and making coffees for managers, it’s now about taking your destiny in your hands and creating a life you love. Having a side hustle has many benefits, and it’s not always about the extra money an extra job can provide. If it’s a role that gives you experience in a field you love, then you’re more likely to succeed in future!

Are you interested in starting up a side hustle, but are unsure of what you want to do alongside your everyday job? Below is a list of unique and quirky side hustles that you may not have thought about doing during your spare evenings and weekends. Some of these side hustles could earn you a significant income, whereas others are just simply pocket money to keep you through the working month.

Remember, if you decide to do any extra work then ensure you’re also registered as self-employed with HMRC, or run the finances through a business.

Online tutoring

Perhaps you have a skill or talent that should be shared and taught to the world? If so, online tutoring may be the best way to make a second income. There are countless students continually looking around for a tutor to help them out with high school, college and even university work so if you’re particularly skilled in a certain topic area or niche, you could have your books full to the brim before you know it.

The great thing about online tutoring is that it can be done with people around the world at whatever time suits you best. Plus, tutors make around £20 to £25 per hour through well-paying companies or if you work for yourself!

Uber driver

Those of you out there who enjoy driving around your city or neighbourhood may want to apply for an Uber driver license. It’s simple and can make you a large amount of money if you do it often enough. With Uber driving, you only need to do it when you want to as well; there are no set hours or a number of rides you need to complete every day, this is why it’s so popular for people to do it on the side of their job. Simply download the app to your phone and wait for ride opportunities to come in. You never know who you’re going to meet, and it’s a little bit of extra money to spend on holidays or other luxuries.

Property investment and house flipping

Anyone who has a little bit of extra savings that are sitting in a bank account collecting dust may want to spend their money on a new investment property. Property investment can be a highly lucrative business and so can house flipping. Companies such as RWinvest have guides and blogs surrounding the property investment industry and the UK property market if you’re a budding investor wanting to make returns on your development. Do some research around investing, and if you’ve got the spare capital then take a leap of faith and start your journey. Remember though, property investment isn’t everyone’s ideal, so you have to be sure it’s definitely what you want before purchasing a property! Plus, if you opt to do it managed by a property company, then you can still work your nine to five and make huge returns.

Baby and/or pet sitting

Pet or baby lovers reunite over their passion for looking after these small and cute little ones during their spare time. If you’re an animal lover and want to earn some spare cash on the side, pet and babysitting can be a great secondary income. What’s more, it’s a fun thing to do too! If you’re living in rented accommodation and can’t have a pet for yourself, looking after others pets in their home my fill that void in your heart and allow you to enjoy making money! Likewise with babies, if you’re somewhat of a baby whisperer, then taking up the opportunity to take care of babies in your spare time could be the ideal job for you. Who knows, something like this could be a step towards a full-time business doing what you love!