Movies: The Difference between a Reboot, Remake, Sequel, Prequel Crossover, and a Spinoff

In the movie world, we have what are called Reboot, Remake, Sequel, Prequel Crossover, and Spinoffs. And for some, this can be very confusing. That is why today we want to take a look at the differences between these terms that is in fact if there are any differences at all to begin with.


A reboot is when they take the same movie and recreate it a totally different manner. So much that they do not continue with any of the previous storylines of the same film. The movie may feature the same characters and the same concept, but the storyline will be entirely different. Like M.I.B International.


A remake and a reboot are similar but not the same. A remake is mainly used for a standalone film where they take an old movie and tune it up into something different from what its predecessor was.


A sequel is a direct continuation of a movie. In simpler terms these are what we call the part 2’s or the volume 2’s of certain films. This is also very common in online casino games at online casino united states.


A prequel on the other is what happens before. One can call it an origins story or something of the like. Where they take a movies and backdate it a bit to make sense of events that have happened in the other movies of the same franchise. Like what they are did with X-Men First Class.


A crossover is when they take two movies and turn them into one movie. They somehow manage to take the times and the characters and merge them so that they are in the same movie at the same time. Like what they are currently working with Kong vs Godzilla. At, there are also Godzilla themed online slots you can play for free.


A spinoff is when they take a character of a movie and create a separate movie for that character. Like what they did with Black Panther and the Black Widow.