Multiple countries with their policies

The different countries are affected by many diseases and in all those diseases masks have played a major role in protecting their country people. The latest and the most dangerous disease is COVID-19 which has ruined the life of every individual on this earth and has made everyone use masks once in their life.

There are several masks and every mask has its own significance in different fields. Though each of them has helped the people once in their life and some of the policies are made on the use of these masks in different countries. There are some countries that asks their country people to follow some strict rules related to the use of masks while performing some tasks.

Some of those policies and rules that are made by them are:

  1. Argentina: When there were some cases of the affected people were found then they asked the people to wear a mask as a compulsory thing and if anyone is found without mask then they have to pay heavy fines. This masking is mandatory when moving out of the house and visit people. They also gave orders that the non-medical workers will not be allowed to use the KN95 mask as there is no requirement of this and the rest of the public of Argentina will wear home-made masks which are made especially for fighting against this problem.
  2. Austria: Every person coming out of their house has to wear masks and especially those going to places like medicine shops, supermarket or some type of grocery shop and someone who is using the transportation.
  3. Bahamas: It was announced that the use of masks or a cloth to cover the face while going out of there is mandatory and this was done by the Prime Minister of Bahamas. They also said that the employees will be asked to either bring their own masks or the employers will be provided the masks and then they will be allowed to perform any task.
  4. Bahrain: The officials announced the usage of masks whether it is of surgical mask or any other mask then only they will be allowed to move in the market. Every citizen, resident, or shopkeeper found without mask has to face heavy fines.
  5. Bulgaria: At the starting of the spread of COVID-19, the government asked the people not use an N95 mask or any other type of mask and passed an order to obligate the use of masks but was canceled on the very next day due to the legal actions taken against the order.

There are many other countries that have passed many other laws and policies that allow people to use masks and become mandatory for them.


Though the usage of masks was mandatory in some places, it was the choice of the people that whether they prefer surgical masks, N95 masks, cloth masks, COVID-19 masks, or 3 ply masks to protect them against the disease and stay safe.