Must-sees in Jordan according to Jordan Tours

If you have a trip plan this winter to Jordan, then there are all the easy accessibility options ready for you by Jordan Tours. The package of Jordan Direct Tours will take you on a historical joy back ride to human-made and natural sites. You will be taken to explore the Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea. The guides of JD Tours are professionals and locals and know the place inside out. 

There is authentic insight information on everything that you see in Jordan. The guides and drivers during the Jordan Tour will help you know the minute details about everything that you see. In this article, you will know about the different places that the Jordan packages include in the touring program.

Best Places covered by the packages of Jordan Tours


  • Petra


Petra is a must-visit place when you go out on Jordan Trip. Petra was inhabited in the early 4th century BC. It was the hub for rock-cut temples and treasuries. Many Hollywood blockbusters include Petra in their most popular scenes. The Jordan Tour packages include Petra as a must-visit location for the visitors. 


  • Amman


Amman holds the deepest historical secrets of Jordan and highlights the culture of the region. The huge minarets of mosques and frenetic souks mosaic make this place famous. Afdali of Amman has leafy boulevards to gain attention along with famous boutiques and cafes. There are beautiful and historical landmarks at Amman, which is a must-visit. 


  • Jerash


Jerash is a ruined city that replicates the immersive history of the place. The place is full of temples that turned into churches, which makes it the best provincial town of Roman. The historical stories of this place will mesmerize the tourists to stay in this place for a long time. 


  • Wadi Rum


Travel to Jordan soon to experience the beauty of Wadi Rum. It is a deep orange land that looks red underneath the Arabian-sun. It is known to be one of the best natural wonders of the region. The rock carvings are done out of limestone that increases the appeal of the place. 


  • Dead Sea


The Dead Sea is surrounded by mountains and dunes and is termed to be the saltiest ocean water body in the world. The look of the sea enhances when the Arabian-sun showers its light on the still water. The beachside of the Dead Sea is covered with hotels and resorts for a peaceful stay of the visitors. The Dead Sea is again one of the must-visit places on the Jordan Tours list. The high saline density of the Dead Sea allows the travelers to float on their back on the water surface. 

These are a few of the places that JD Tours will cover in their touring packages. There are many more places to visit in Jordan, such as Aqaba, Mujib Nature Reserve, Madaba, and a lot more. But the sites mentioned above are mesmerizing and must-visit places by Jordan Direct Tours. Make your trip plan today and hire the Jordan Direct Tours services for an incredible touring experience in Jordan.