Natural oils to repair dry hair

Against dry hair, try natural oils

Did you know that hair becomes dry when it cannot absorb or retain the necessary nutrients and moisture?

Causes of dry hair

The causes of dry hair can be natural, such as a lack of hydration, that is, a lack of sebaceous secretion; also due to environmental aggressions such as wind, cold, pollution or sudden changes in temperature; or by chemical attacks: dyes, highlights, hair dryer, iron or heating.

The damage occurs because keratin us removed, which is the natural protein in hair. This has a high percentage of sulfur and among the amino acids of its composition are cysteine, which is the most representative (15%). This amino acid forms bridges that are what give the hair strength and maintenance. The problem is that agents such as the sun or cold oxidize it and sulfur is released, producing the capillary catastrophe.

All this is explained to us by the Pierre Fabre laboratories, which also indicate the true need to protect the hair from the first moment you will notice it in bad shape in order to preserve its flexibility, luminosity and shine. You will know if you have healthy hair because its scales are regular, that is, smooth and uniform along the hair shaft. If they are open or have a bristly surface, you already know that there is an alteration that is not healthy, over time these scales will end up eroding and weakening the keratin, the result: dry, broken, rough, porous hair that is difficult to comb and discipline.

When that happens, your hair begins to take on a dull appearance, with split ends, frizz and is more difficult to manage.

It never hurts to stand out your hair to regain a spectacular appearance and grow healthy, but before you think about cutting it, there are other ways to repair it without going through scissors. One of them is to use essential oils for dry hair.

These ingredients are very effective in hydrating hair fiber damaged by pollution, chemical treatments, heat from straighteners, and daily brushing.

The oils coat the hair and form a barrier resistant to aggressions on its surface, which makes your hair soft and shiny. They act in a similar way to the natural lipids formed by the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Check out the benefits of these oils that are already found in various professional products and make your hair regain its splendor.

Coconut oil

Penetrates and deeply nourishes hair from the roots. It is an antioxidant, prevents the development of fungi, has soothing and regenerative properties, it is also an excellent conditioner and stimulates hair growth. Avoid split ends and brittle hair.

Olive oil

It is an excellent moisturizer, strengthens hair, accelerates growth, provides elasticity, prevents hair aging, helps fight hair shedding and dandruff.

Almonds oil

It acts as a sealant, forms a film on the hair that prevents the loss of hydration; nourishes, smoothes the cuticle, which is the outer part of the hair, thickens your hair, controls flaking and increases shine.

Rosemary oil, what is it for?

Stimulates the pillar follicles and promotes hair growth; delays the appearance of gray hair, prevents seborrhea and helps control dandruff.

Avocado oil

Strengthens hair, enhances shine, hydrates and softens.

Argan oil

Provides shine, moisturizes, protects and restores hair damaged by the use of dryers and irons. Eliminate frizz and repair brittle ends.

Flax oil properties

Deeply cares for and hydrates hair. Prevents breakage and restores split ends.

Castor oil

Regenerates split ends, hydrates, prevents hair loss and weakness, provides body and prevents scalp infections. Tip: Use castor oil for eyelashes and their growth.

Safflower oil

Protects hair, nourishes follicles, hydrates and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Thickens the hair fiber.