Need to move to a new office space?

Moving your office is an overwhelming process but most businesses have to do it at least once when they outgrow their current space. It can be a positive thing to do once you have planned it carefully and as long as you choose the new office space for sale Kolkata wisely. You can grow further, and have a better working environment that leads to having happier staff and happier clients or customers. Here are three things to deliberate over before you make any kind of final choice.

The setting of the office space

When you are looking for an office space for sale in sector 5 Kolkata you need to think about the setting, or the location. Does it suit the image you want for your business? Is it within a reasonable distance for your employees to get there? How suited is the location to your business meaning do you need to be close to where the public walk past or close to other types of businesses? What impression will your clients or customers have of the place? What transportation links are close by? If your employees have big enough problems they could leave and then you will have issues with staff shortages and that could disrupt the business.

Who are your neighbours? What type of businesses are they running and do they have anything planned that might impact how you can work in your office? If you are leasing and sharing the office space then you need to consider what lease changes might happen in the future and what the people you are sharing with will be like as close-by neighbours.

What needs do you have from your new office?

Whether you are a completely new business looking for somewhere to be, or you are moving from one premise and buying new office space for sale Kolkata, you need to make sure it has everything you need. Think about the space you need now and in the near future and make sure you act accordingly. If you buy something too large you are overpaying and you are having to maintain property some of which you do not need. If it is too small you need to move far sooner than you might have hoped for. Then you need to think about what infrastructure it needs to have, bookshelves, and such? Will you put in phone and internet lines or do you expect that handled? Do you need a kitchen for staff, how many bathrooms do you need? Will a reception area be needed? How good is the security or will you have to put it in?

Are you leasing or buying?

If you are leasing then you need to be ready for different lease types and make sure you research them and choose the one that best meets your needs. You can be more flexible with renting office space and it is usually what new or smaller businesses do because it is hard to get the down payment to buy. If you are buying office space for sale in sector 5 Kolkata you are also making an investment which is a good thing. But you need to have an idea that your business is stable and that you can manage the maintenance and all the other responsibilities.