New Trends In Interior and Home Decor For 2020

Are you tired of the way your home looks? Perhaps you just bought a new home and want to make it “your” home. You want to change that awful wallpaper or color on the walls. Oh, and that carpet definitely has to go. It takes a lot of time and effort to get that a look you want.

Remember, although you may like certain things, it may not blend in well with the architecture, or location of the home.

For example, if you just bought a home by the seashore, you may not want to decorate the entire home in a “southwest” theme, as it will look, “out of place”. That’s not to say, you can’t have a few pieces here in there. You did buy this house because you love the seashore, so work with that. The same goes for a woods or mountain retreat. Beach scenes and decor will not work.

The design trend for last year is not quite the same as this year if you are looking to keep up with trends. Last year, it was all about minimalizing. This is the art of “less is more” A blank palette with just a few splashes of color. This year, it is the opposite. Maximalism is the new trend. The more, the merrier. The idea is to make your house look lived in, instead of a bland office appearance.

Be ready to get bold, where bigger with more colors is better. Incorporating old pieces that have been repurposed or reclaimed wood furniture. It is all the rage. It is the movement of “saving the planet” and going green, that is driving this new decorating trend. If you are not handy, or just don’t have what it takes, seek the help of a professional. They know exactly where to find the pieces and look that you want.

If you live in Virginia, particularly Arlington, there is plenty of help. Just the fact that you live in Arlington, says you live a fast-paced life, is always either working or on the go. Who has time to decorate? Professionals who do Interior Decorating in Arlington know that time is precious and can work with you on your home.

Interior Decorating in Arlington, can be tricky. Arlington is rich with history, and historic homes. Homes can be Neoclassical, Colonial, Victorian, bungalows, Ranch style, farmhouse, and even CapeCods. As you can imagine, it is a nightmare for the common person to decorate it as it should be, while still being able to put your personal preferences in with it.

This is why you hire an expert. If you love anything nautical, it can still be worked in. Your expert will search high and low for the right historical pieces to match your home without looking too dated if you want a modern look as well. They will come to your home, sit down and discuss everything that you like, or would like. The designer will take measurements, and also explain what will and will not work, in the space you have. Sometimes it may involve renovations to get the desired look.

If you have time and are not in a hurry, it is fun to find pieces one at a time. You can search antique shops, or markets, flea markets, yard sale, and specialty boutiques. The really fun part of this is that each piece comes with a story, maybe the adventure of finding it in a barn or favorite market with friends. However, a designer can do this for you and also possibly have stories as well. Good luck with your new decor.