Online Course Reviews: Certus Trading’s Matt Choi On Beating The Competition

The accessibility of trading has exploded in recent years, drawing millions more people to try and grow their wealth through investing.

With the rise of DIY investing apps like Robinhood and Stash, many people are now turning to online courses to learn more about the market and how to trade successfully. For those new to trading, getting at least a basic education in investing often proves crucial to the long-term success of their trading.

Matt Choi is an accomplished professional trader with over 20 years of experience in trading in stocks, ETFs, options, commodities, and financial futures. He is also a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and a self-taught trader who has excelled in his field through hard work, dedication, and a passion for the markets.

Online courses offered by Certus Trading, the education company that Matt Choi founded and leads, have a wealth of reviews based on Choi’s years of experience in the trading industry.

“One of the biggest advantages of online trading courses is that they can be taken at your own pace and on your own schedule,” says Choi. “I’ve catered my courses to those looking to advance their skills and develop their portfolio.”

Online trading courses also offer a level of flexibility that traditional courses often cannot match. With online courses, you can choose the topics most relevant to your needs and interests, while skipping over material that you already know. This allows you to customize your learning experience and focus on areas that will be most beneficial to you.

“Perhaps the most significant advantage of taking online trading courses is that they can help you to become a better trader,” says Choi. ”By learning from experienced traders and industry experts, you can gain insights into the stock market and develop strategies that can help you to make more informed trading decisions.”

Online trading courses can also provide you with access to valuable resources.

Many courses offer access to trading tools, software, and platforms that can help you analyze market trends and make informed trading decisions. These resources can be valuable in helping you to stay ahead of the curve and make more profitable trades.

Not convinced yet?

Here’s a review of how Certus Trading’s online courses helped one student.

“I like how we have access to the AOSB program forever. We all get busy and life happens, did not feel like I had to rush it. Every week I looked forward to the module and loved the explanations. And yes Matt did show examples of trades that did not work. It is a system that allowed me to be as active or inactive with my trading. You could keep it simple or get more involved.” – Wayne

The sudden accessibility of trading means millions more people are now entering the trading marketplace, trying to make their mark and boost their wealth. But beating the competition isn’t just about working hard and trading every day, Matt Choi said.

It’s about having a mentor that can help guide new traders to an approach that will succeed in the long term. That’s exactly what the below student said he received through Certus Trading’s courses.

“Every two weeks I get excited listening to Matt on his coaching calls. I’ve never seen a trader more knowledgeable and generous in sharing what he knows. Only 6 months with his programs and my capital is turning twice as fast as it used to. Looking forward to many more years of success with Matt.” – Ernie

Online trading courses offer a wide range of benefits for anyone who is looking to invest in the stock market. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, these courses can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to succeed.