Online music & art classes, continue kids learning and creativity

Online music & art classes, continue kids learning and creativity

In early childhood education, music and arts play important roles as they can benefit your child in many areas – language, maths, concentration, social skills and more! So whether or not your child learns a musical instrument, create some art works, try to expose your child to music and arts as much as possible and enjoy the many advantages listed below!

Benefits of learning music for kids

There are many advantages of learning music for kids, below will demonstrate opinions from three perspectives: physical, mental and emotional benefits.

Physical Benefits

Deep Breathing– unlike how we breath for most of time is shallow, activities such as singing and flute require deep breathing which strengthens our lungs and respiratory system.

Exercising– whether kids are playing the guitar, ukulele or drum set, playing a musical instrument also increase their physical activity because they use their arms and back muscles to play and hold up instruments.

Posture– A good music teacher will correct your children’s posture during classes. Whether they are playing piano or violin, children need to keep sitting up or standing up straight, and they will form a habit of maintaining a proper posture little by little even when they are not playing.

Mental Benefits

Apart from physical benefits, playing musical instruments brings benefits toward mental performance and memory as it is like doing a workout for every part of children’s brain.

When using fingers or hands in a rhythmic manner for a sustained amount of time, and keeping focus during practice in order to improve musical skills helps kids’ coordination and concentration. In addition, as learning music requires consistency and routine of practice, children learn how to arrange and fit music lessons into their busy schedule, it helps them develop better time management and organization skills.

Emotional Benefits

Furthermore, playing a musical instrument acts as an outlet for difficult emotions, it can be a way of self-healing in tough situations and a healthy distraction from stressful days. In music world, children are allowed to express themselves in new ways when choosing their unique style to perform. If they eventually master their favorite songs, reaching goals will give them a strong sense of achievement helping improve their confidence in other areas of life.

Benefits of learning arts & design for kids

While learning arts and design, children are taught to have flexibility at the same time. For example, most craft works can be accomplished in more than one way, so kids can get the same result through different methods. Creating different ideas helps kids develop fine motor skills and encourages them to face situation with multiple possibilities in real life. Additionally, arts and design require keen hand-brain coordination; the more your kids practice, the better their hand-brain coordination. For instance, animated drawings is a great opportunity to cultivate a logical thinking while they are making a plan of how to draw a successful animation.

Moreover, we all know that imagination is vital in early childhood education as it helps to grow skills in critical thinking and creative production. Arts and design like drawing and painting not only improve creativity and memory but also enhance communication and problem solving skills that are essential for kids when they become adults and merge into society.

Continue kids’ passions through online courses

With all these benefits, try to expose your child to music and arts as much as possible. However, in light of coronavirus (COVID-19), many parents intend to stop face-to-face music lessons but they still have more options like online courses to continues children’s passion towards musical instruments and arts training.

Parents need not to worry on the quality of online courses as it ensures students will have the same premium online learning experience and services as they had in the classroom.