Organic Weighted Blanket: All You Need to Know 


Weighted blankets are all the rage, but finding an organic one isn’t easy. You might not even know what makes a blanket organic. This guide will help you on what to look for, whether you buy a pre-made blanket or turn to online sellers on sites like Etsy to make you a custom organic weighted blanket.

What is the Benefit of a Weighted Blanket?

If you don’t know, weighted blankets are loved for offering better sleep and reduced anxiety. This is thanks to the weight offering deep touch pressure that can feel like being hugged. For people with insomnia, autism, or conditions like anxiety this deep pressure can be soothing and help with sleep.

Given that many conditions can cause difficulty sleeping, a weighted blanket can be a good thing to try to avoid sleeping pills. It goes hand-in-hand with a cooling mattress protector. Make sure you pick one that is about 10% of the bodyweight of the intended user and that it is just big enough to cover without touching the bed.

What Makes it Organic?

Besides using organic fibers, a good organic weighted blanket avoids plastic to be better for the planet. After all, washing a plastic derived fabric like polyester can put microplastic directly into the water system. Pick fabric that is grown without pesticides and similar pollutants. Also look for either glass beads or plant-based beads as well as fill made of natural fibers to ensure your whole blanket is eco-friendly.

What Fabrics are There?

Organic cotton and bamboo are the most common ones you’ll find. You can also find new fabrics made out of materials like eucalyptus out there. Be sure to do your research on fabrics. Always consider how warm it will be so you can use your blanket year-round. Also, since weighted blankets can be difficult to wash, either buy one that comes with an organic duvet cover or buy one to fit yourself.

What About Fillings?

This is the hardest part to make organic. Most commercial blankets use plastic beads for their weight. They might also use polyester fiber to fill it. Neither of these is good for an organic blanket. You can find glass beads or even plant-based resins on the market now. Make sure you get a blanket with well-stitched pockets to ensure an even weight and to avoid bead loss or movement.

Where to Buy?

While weighted blankets are appearing in stores, most aren’t organic. If you want organic, looking online is your best bet. Amazon is a great option, as well as weighted blanket makers on their own websites. Online marketplaces like Etsy are good for custom options. A custom blanket might be your only option for a child. Just make sure you stick to the weight suggestions and never use a weighted blanket on a child who can’t remove it by themselves.


While finding an organic weighted blanket isn’t easy, it is worth it if you want to protect the planet. While the price is higher, it’s worth it to do your part to be green. Do your research and you’ll have a great blanket as well as a good cooling mattress protector that should last for years.