The autumn season is now in full force, nearly everywhere you go! To keep in spirit with the time, we have figured out the best color you can use for your personal projects during this cold time of the year: Pantone Chili Pepper. 

The very name of this color exudes warmth. Therefore, it is the perfect way to light up any room if you’re currently stuck for ideas in home decor.

We first saw this color at the beginning of the year, thanks to different premieres and awards shows. Its trendiness has made its way into the fall months, and we think it is here to stay!

Now that Pantone Chili Pepper has remained in our consciousness for some time, the real question becomes this: How should you include this bold color into your home decoration? 

When it comes to bold colors, the trick is to include them in small decorative items. Even though this shade of red is not intense, it still stands out easily. Speaking as home advisors, we recommend getting flower jars, centrepieces, rugs, and curtains containing this beautiful color. If used sparingly, we guarantee this will breathe much-needed life and heat into your interiors.

If you want a bolder decorating option, however, then choose a room in your house and get ready to paint! Using this color for a wall-painting project will bring all the fall vibes that your house needs! The best part is that classic-toned furniture will match with this color, even after you decide to change the color of some of your other decorative items.

When it comes to matching the furniture with this bold color, our recommendation is to use furniture built with natural wood. Wooden furniture is perfect if you are looking for a cozy autumn vibe to enjoy your free time by yourself. If you want to furnish your wooden furniture, we recommend using more amber tones, that way the room will not appear too dark and muddled.

Pantone Chili Pepper is an appropriate color for every living space! Kitchens and living rooms are the two most common areas this color is used. This is because deep reds such as this completely change the energy of such spaces, even if it is used as an accent.

Now that you know how to include the Pantone Chili Pepper color in your house, you should be ready to redecorate! Cuddly Home Advisor can be helpful to make you feel comfortable. Get the best home advisor reviews for stress-free furniture shopping. We would love to hear about the option that you decided to go for. Home decoration is all about trends and how they affect the world around is. Have fun trying them out! Never be afraid to give your house the fall twist that it needs.