Paper Cores: What Is It? How Are They Used?

You must have stitched at a certain point in your life. But have you ever paid close attention to the threads that you use? Specifically to their body and not the “thread part.” 

These threads typically used for stitching come wrapped around paper cores. You might not have paid much attention to them, but they are helpful in various industries. Also referred to as paper tubes, they are used by the shipping, storing, and spinning industries. 

Profusely, their global market demand depends on the packaging industry. Cores are used in the packing of a lot of products in different sectors. 

Let’s talk in detail about them. 

A Paper Core Is More Than Just Paper!

A paper core consists of paper or cardboard sheet layers wound together to form firm, hollow, and typically cylindrical shapes. The layers of paper are bonded together or laminated with the help of adhesives. 

For a wide range of applications, it comes in a limitless combination of thickness, diameter, and length. In fabric, adhesive, electrical, and converting industries, cores of paper act as a sturdy base around which materials are wind for distribution or storage. 

Depending upon the industry type and use, the paper core’s shape and size keep changing. 

However, what does not change is their core properties of strength, impact resistance, and resistance to water and heat. They also reduce shipping costs as some cores are lightweight. Not only beneficial to humans, and the paper core is also good for the environment. Usually made from 100% recycled paper, they are sustainable and environmentally- friendly. 

Paper Core End-Uses And Applications 

  • Containing & Packaging 

Containing and packaging are considered the largest application segment for these cores. Several consumer goods are packed and carried in them. Let’s shed light on a few. 

  • Telescopic paper tubes pack perfume, cosmetics, and wine bottles. 
  • Powder tubes hold dry goods and granulated materials. 
  • The cookie dough comes in food-grade paper tube cans.
  • Mailing or shipping paper tubes are there for packing large folding documents such as posters, maps, and architectural plans to name a few. 

They also offer unique branding and packaging opportunities to the products by providing a surface to showcase company labels in striking designs. 

  • Spacing & Supporting 

They work as display poles to support signs in exhibits and shops. Also, not only in their industry, paper cores are helpful in specific other markets too. 

They are used in other packages to prevent movement and safeguard materials from damage while they are shipped. For instance, paper tubes secure and protect automotive wheel hubs during shipping. 

  • Winding/Carrying 

Cores made of paper are widely applied in carrying, dispensing, and winding foils, yarns, wires, ropes, ribbon, tape, and other webs. They provide a stable structure to hold these things in place. 

The Bottom Line 

Paper cores are omnipresent, and sometimes it is easy to overpast their strength and wide applications. They do more than what meets the eye, from winding your yarns to foils, carrying your cosmetics to wine bottles, and shipping food and retail. 

Also, since they are resilient, flexible, and offer good strength, they easily carry and protect their contents. You don’t have to worry about your product getting harmed when the paper core is concerned. 

Another key perk that makes cores an excellent choice is their sustainability. Made from recyclable materials, they can be recycled or reused. 

What more can you ask for? Right!