Nowadays, more people have been inspired to live healthier and cleaner. With all that has happened this year, people have opted to stay at home to work out or ride a bike. One of the most common ways to exercise is by simply walking. Whether it be in your neighborhood or out in the streets, walking is a healthy option. However, walking is not always the safest option as more pedestrian accidents have been happening as of late. These accidents have prompted residents of Laguna Beach to contact Abogados de daños personales Laguna Beach.

It is true that drivers are responsible for the way they drive and control their vehicles, but what is surprising is pedestrian accidents are usually caused by the pedestrians themselves. One of the main reasons these accidents happen is instead of looking at where they are going, pedestrians are usually on their phones or electronic devices. The no texting rule should also be applied to pedestrians.

Another reason for the increase in pedestrian accidents is silent cars. Though they are much smoother and more peaceful in neighborhoods, people may usually not hear them especially when walking or crossing down a street. Dark clothes and alcohol also play a role in this dilemma. Lastly, highways are frequent sites of pedestrian accidents especially with the need for these roads being higher than ever as cities develop.

These are some of the reasons why pedestrian accidents usually happen. If you ever get involved in an accident, contact AbogadoContigo’s Abogados de accidentes automovilisticos Buena Park, and they can definitely help you out.