Perfecting your Gaming Setup

The holiday season is here, and it may be time to start asking for what gifts you’d like to receive, it has been an exciting time for the tech sector too as a number of big releases were announced and launched with huge steps forward for gaming setups as a whole. If you’re looking to get the most out of your system though it may be worth exploring a priority for upgrading, and start the steps toward perfecting your own gaming setup – but what should you consider, and what should you change?

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What are your uses? – The first step for identifying what to upgrade for your perfect setup first is to identify what your uses are for the system. Are you playing a lot of first-person shooters? Perhaps a monitor upgrade is what you’ll need. Playing the latest triple A titles? Perhaps a new graphics card. Whilst there will be some crossover, the upgrade you pick may be perfectly suited to one aspect rather than another, and as such it’s worth exploring what you’ll be using your system for to prioritise the highest value upgrades first and to do the lesser value pieces later on, even if these lesser value pieces are big ticket items such as your GPU or CPU.

Peripherals galore – A huge part of gaming comes in the peripherals too – headphones, keyboards, mice, and all of the other accessories – whilst many won’t give you any distinct advantage, the perfect gaming setup keeps this in mind too. Choosing a keyboard and mouse that fits your themes and usage or even building one yourself can make all the difference in helping customise your setup and have actually become a huge part of an individuals gaming approach. With so many options, don’t be afraid to break the mould a little and step away from the usual suspects, and try something new.

Casual or enthusiast? – There has been a huge surge into the gaming market from a more causal audience over the past few years as attitudes toward gaming have changed and other aspects in the growing esports scene have welcomed new players and spectators – the introduction and widespread use of esports betting sites found here for example has attracted many users who may not have been a fan of gaming before but have found a new appreciation. If you’re a more casual player, dropping the large amount of money often required for a big setup may not hold the same value as an enthusiast doing the same, and as such it’s worth considering where you slot in here. The perfect gaming setup for you after all will also come down to how much usage you are able to get from it, and so it’s worth considering.

It’s a slow process as new hardware constantly becomes available, don’t feel in any rush to get your perfect setup completed immediately as no doubt there will be pieces you’d like to change – but with the rapidly changing market you may be doing this upgrades sooner rather than later.