Personalisation And Design: 4 Custom T Shirt Printing Misconceptions To Address

All companies have a branding or an identity that sets them apart from others. It can be a set of colour schemes that immediately give customers an idea that they are transacting with a particular business. You will also encounter ones who maintain consistency across their products & services, such as having one design language or aesthetic for their retail spaces and packaging materials. In this article, we will focus on another instance of branding and identity: The use of custom company shirts for events, working days, and various business operations.

The problems with these things are the misconceptions that cloud people’s judgement or hurt the reputation of some companies. Let us explore more of them in this article to help you understand things better. There is no better way to appreciate custom company shirts than learning about what they exactly are.


MYTH: Custom t shirt printing companies in Singapore charge a premium because they have to keep the business floating. First, they use specialised equipment that prints hundreds or even thousands of garments in an efficient manner. Aside from that, they also promise consistency across your order. Second, employees operate these things, and companies should pay them the appropriate compensation.

TRUTH: Ask yourself. How can you print a hundred pieces of custom company shirts without asking for help or trusting a professional company? You probably do not have an answer for this because there is no way to do it without help unless you are willing to sacrifice days or weeks and compromise the quality of the prints. With that, paying for these services is always worth it because you get the finished products at the earliest possible time while relaxing.

TIP: If you have a budget or limited financial means, you can always open that up with the personalised t shirt company in Singapore because they usually consider this aspect. Apart from that, it helps them avoid the problem of overcharging because most clients do not like hidden fees and expenses.


MYTH: Transacting with a business to create custom company shirtsis too much work because you have to conceptualise a design with your employees or your staff, tweak your branding guide for consistency, plan the budget, and get everyone’s sizes. Only people who have the luxury of time can visit a printing company and do rounds of meetings to come up with a final product.

TRUTH: There is no truth to the idea that transacting with a custom t shirt printing company is tedious because, on the contrary, they might even get rid of your burden and do everything for you. All clients have to do in this case is to sit back, relax, and trust the efficient printing process they hired. Lastly, creating branding and everything else that has to do with your design is easy. There is no need to worry too much about these matters.

TIP: Hiring a custom jersey or shirt printing service in Singapore is always easy, so look for a company that can help you achieve all your goals and needs. Are you looking to print a hundred pieces in less than a week? Find someone who specialises in express orders that disregards time constraints.




MYTH: Do you need 300 pieces of custom company shirts in three days? Good luck with that because people can’t find a company that offers express services for people who have sudden requests. On top of that, these requests are a big no-no in the printing industry because no machine can do this, and people have their limitations. Overall, hiring a custom t shirt printing company in Singapore means preparing earlier than usual or depending on the number of garments.

TRUTH: The good news is some companies offer express printing services or sometimes same-day orders, however, there is a catch. First, they have limitations when it comes to custom company shirts, and they might decline your request. For instance, machines cannot obviously print 3000 pieces in a day because of the limitations. Also, consider the design because you have no time to ask the company for assistance, and express orders are possible only if you need printing.

TIP: Be realistic with your goals and demands because it helps you realise whether your request is possible or not. Another thing to consider is the skills and expertise of the company, and not everyone can handle taking express orders for custom company shirts that require them to compress three days into one.




MYTH: Most design companies focus on personalised t shirt printing services in Singapore instead of other garments such as activewear, fabric bags, facemasks, sweatshirts, and fleece. Why? Basic t-shirts have the least complicated materials, and they are already proven in the industry which makes them easier to use. Aside from that, most companies only need plain t-shirts for sporting events, holiday gifts, working days, and other business operations. You would rarely encounter one who needs to print expensive sweatshirts, so companies do not offer this.

TRUTH: If you come across a custom jersey printingprofessional company, you will realise that they can go beyond the basic plain t-shirt. Expect them to be able to design a sweatshirt for cold days, activewear for gym members and other people inside, or tote bags for your employees who love carrying their things with them. All you have to do is ask them about other services or explore their marketing materials to read.

TIP: Look at their portfolio or an album of their projects if you wish to explore beyond custom t shirt printing. They might have experiences with sweatshirts for colder days and tote bags for company giveaways.

Are you looking for a personalised t shirt printing company in Singapore? Remember to avoid having these misconceptions and expect an impeccable service that lets you get what you want. If you have anything in mind, visit Express Printing to learn more about their professional services.