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How one should adapt to accessibility laws regarding parking spaces for the disabled with a parking card? The parking zones must first be positioned at the entrance to the buildings, as close as possible to the entrance to the ERP. For the number of places, the judgment of August 1, 2006 specifies that 2% of the total number of places is required. Disabled places are subject to standards in terms of length, slope and quality of the ground and precise signage. For Place PMR you need to know about the signs and the options.

How many disabled parking spaces for disabled people with rights should you provide?

Decree No. 94-86 indicated that 1 space was needed for 50 parking spaces.

From now on, the decree of August 1, 2006 specifies that it is necessary to have at least 2% of the total number of places planned for the public.

Above 500 spaces, the number of parking spaces reserved for disabled people holding the “Disabled parking card” or the “Mobility inclusion” card cannot be less than 10: it is fixed by municipal decree.

What dimensions should PMR parking spaces be?

When fitting out spaces reserved for disabled people holding a parking card, you will need to follow a few guidelines:

  • The minimum width of the parking space must be 3.3m
  • New The decree of April 20, 2017 imposes a minimum length of 5m
  • The slope should be less than 2%
  • The space must respect a horizontal space near the slope, less than or equal to 2%
  • For places located on the cob or in battle, a 1.20m longer length must be marked on the parking lane using paint or signage adapted to the ground to indicate to disabled people the possibility of entering or get out from the back of their vehicles
  • The floor must be loose and non-slip

You will also need to plan for the possibility of joining a sidewalk, or a pedestrian path without danger and without obstacle.

In the case of sidewalks, steps or the like, a passage of 80cm wide minimum must be provided.

Dimensions for PRM parking space

How to report disabled parking spaces?

Places for the disabled with a parking card must be indicated horizontally and vertically.You will therefore need road signs for vertical signs and paint the floor for horizontal signs. 

3-1- Vertical signs for parking prohibitions except for disabled people:

On public roads, 2 signs are compulsory:

  • Sign expected for PMR parking
  • Sign “except disabled” (sign M6h).
  • Sign “forbidden to park and stop” (sign B6d).
  • PMR parking vertical signage: old and new PMR sign


There should be the signs “Prohibited except GIG-GIC” must be replaced by the new version “Except handicapped” (M6h). The “forbidden to park” signs must be replaced by the “forbidden to park and stop” signs (B6d).