Proper SAP Infrastructure Usage and Security


A common mistake that businesses make is to not fully understand how to use their computers, or not to understand which programs are most beneficial and which are perhaps unnecessary because they take more time to use than they actually save. Unfortunately even the best and most efficient of programs can fall into the latter category if not used correctly according to the needs of the individual business, and SAP infrastructure software is undoubtedly such a program. It’s great when used right as it saves time by sharing information between departments but can also become a liability if employees don’t understand the proper way to use it and keep the information it manages secure.

SAP Software Defined

SAP infrastructure literally means Systems Applications and Products in data processing and is essentially the same programming as Enterprise Resource Programming (ERP) and the two terms are often used interchangeably. The software allows lifecycle project management by sharing information between departments concerning how the project is moving along from the time the order is placed until it is filled.

Understanding Proper SAP Use

To use a production-based company as an example, SAP infrastructure software allows the sales team to stay up to date and communicate with clients how the project is coming along. Such a concept is simple enough if the product is in stock and just needs to be delivered, but more often there is also raw material inventory, some of which may be in stock and other materials which need to be ordered, then there is shipping involved, a production team planning the project, a floor crew actually assembling the product, and a finance department keeping track of expenses and profits. Additionally, upper management is overseeing the project and investors might also be interested. The SAP software allows the appropriate information to be shared with the appropriate departments rather than using extra time by requiring everyone involved to contact everyone else individually.

Understanding Threat and Security Measures

Cloud based computing adds a level of security to modern systems, but again, only if it is used properly. Obviously, it protects information against computer failures, and it protects against outside hacking in the most general terms. The main security failing of cloud computing is passwords. Use of the same password for access to each project allows people to view the information which doesn’t concern them. Worse yet is failing to delete old passwords so people who no longer work for the company or possibly previous customers or consultants can access the information on new projects.


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