Pros and cons of curtains

Treating every corner of the house is something your home deserves. Decoration is the best treatment you can provide to your house. Curtains are indeed the best decorative items for windows. A window without a curtain always looks barren, and without any class. The room also lacks in style and feels boring without curtains. Although with changing time there are numbers of changes that have been placed in our house decoration style but hanging a beautiful curtain never changes. Many people are going for blinds these days but curtains have not lost their place. Everything has its pros and cons it’s the same for curtains too. Like:


  • Window curtains are an economical way of giving your window a stylish look. Windows might be old or not good in shape. But changing it is a big challenge to your budget; whereas, installing a curtain on it will hide its odds and enhance the beauty of the room, all of this is possible in your budget.
  • Curtains are the best thermal and noise insulator. They keep extra noises and weather harshness out of your house. Some decorations are specific to some weather. When the weather changes they just become a useless item; it is not the same in case of curtains. Curtains stop sunlight from coming directly to the house continuously so they are the best heat controller in summer; and in winters it stops extra chill to enter in your house and keep the room warmer. So you can say they reduce lots of your hefty electric bills along with style.
  • Curtains are quite useful barriers for harsh weather, intruders and nosy neighbors. Thus it gives you extra privacy and safety in a stylish and elegant way.
  • Curtains transform the place in a good way. Put some curtains on the outside of your house and it will transform the place completely and add space to your house.
  • Curtains are available in different colors and types which keep the house up to date in colorful manner.


  • Curtains often take more space and place than blinds. If not chosen correctly it can make the room look smaller. Some curtains are much more expensive and require high maintenance that is quite out of budget.
  • Window curtains are sometimes more prone to stains and dirt. Like if a curtain is installed in the kitchen; there are high chances that it will end up getting stains and greasy look.
  • Cleanliness and maintaining the curtains is often time consuming and hectic. Also sometimes the cleaning cost is much higher which causes If you are having small children in your house, the curtains get messy faster than before.
  • If curtains are not chosen correctly it can transform the decoration into disaster. Like if you are selecting a curtain with full drapes and up to the floor length with dark colors and then installing it in a small room; it will make the room look like mess.