Protecting Your Business With Style

When it comes to safety and security, you don’t have to sacrifice the overall aesthetics of your establishment. You don’t need unflattering colours or neon shades all over to increase the visibility of your protective structures either.


In fact, stainless steel bollards are a top choice for modern businesses. Stainless steel gives a clean, contemporary aesthetic that complements any architecture style. You can have one in plain stainless steel, add reflective strips, or choose one with a powder-coated cover.


Lined in front of high-profile stores, shopping centres, and banks, it can help boost the aesthetics of a place.


Stainless steel bollards are strong and long-lasting, making them a great investment. They can withstand extreme conditions and grade 316 stainless steel can even survive years in coastal environments.


Many bollards these days are made with grade 316 stainless steel, designed to require minimal maintenance even with regular exposure to saltwater or de-icing salts.

Easy Maintenance

Due to their non-corrosive qualities, stainless steel bollards in Perth can be found in many establishments. They don’t stain, corrode, or rust easily either. Just make sure to use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a gentle cleanser that can go deep into its surface pores to remove any dust, debris, or dirt.


Due to its durability, it’s relatively easy to maintain. It won’t get damaged from extreme heat or harsh rain. In fact, regular rinses with rainwater can help with its maintenance but the use of fresh water is also advised.


For basic maintenance, brush off any dirt with a soft nylon brush, wash with mild soap, and dry with soft, non-abrasive cloth. It couldn’t get any simpler than that!

Security and Safety

The main reason anyone would get a stainless steel bollard is to protect both pedestrians and structures. They can withstand high impact crashes, won’t easily yield in the event of ram-raid robberies, and can protect pedestrians in the event a vehicle goes out of control.


Removable bollards are also useful to protect personal parking spaces. They can be installed and removed as necessary to restrict or allow access to private pathways or roads as well.


More advanced removable bollards have locking systems preventing unauthorised entry or removal. In accident-prone areas, stainless steel bollards with reflective strips can be installed to effectively warn drivers and shield your property from damage.

Easy to Install

Image Bollards’ stainless steel bollards are easy to install with a variety of options. Bolt down bollards are the most popular, but removable and retractable stainless steel bollards are also available to meet your security and design needs.


These bollards do not need professionals or specialised tools to install. Simply have them delivered to your location and follow the instructions provided with the packaging!


Bike bollards, or stainless steel bollards with arms, can provide bike parking while also providing safety, security, and enhanced visual appeal.


Stainless steel bollards are a timeless, beautiful choice for any high-end, high-profile establishment looking for ways to improve their security without sacrificing aesthetic value.