Put-in-Bay During the Off Season – Know How Does It Looks Like

More than 750,000 tourists visit Put-in-Bay during the peak holidays. The bars, beaches, resorts, restaurants, and others will become busy with the tourists. After Thanksgiving and the last ferry boat leaves in December, the island becomes quieter and remote. By this season, the islanders will stock up their freezers and load with supplies and prescriptions. Otherwise, they have to depend on the island airline service for everything.

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How is winter on Put-in-Bay?

In the off-season, only 200 residents or less will stay on the island. The ice angles are the only guests who fly in the small plane to reach the island.

Closed bars

The bars on the island are close, including the longest bar. They will have only stools without water. Only the pub Tipper is open during the winter to serve steak bites, walleye, and fried perch to the locals.

Airlines will serve as the school bus

In winter, the students residing in Bass Islands will travel through airplanes to attend school instead of buses. All the students in Bass Island share the school, which is in Put-in-Bay downtown.

Like other students, the sports team of the school participates in various competitions. They include basketball, educational events, volleyball, and others. Unlike others, they will take a flight first to the mainland, and then they have to travel through a bus to reach the venue.

Restaurants, churches, and others

Only a few restaurants are open during winter. The islanders will have to share the place to vary the routines and socialize. There is one grocery store, coffee place, and gas station, two churches, and a hardware shop open for the business. The bank is opened for only a few hours once a week.

Silence at nights

The winter season in Put-in-Bay is silent, which is unearthly. These streets are different from the cities, which are always busy with the sounds of sirens and lullabies.

Airlines are lifeline

There is not any hospital on South Bass Island, everything from stitches to childbirth people have to go to the mainland. During winter, more than 14000 people will travel forth to and fro.

Ice fishing and snowmobiles are part of the fun during winter

Once the island covers with snow, snowmobiles and ATVs are used as alternative methods of transport. South Brass Islanders love ice fishing and they wait anxiously till the time arrives.  They will start fishing once the ice thickness deemed by the locals. They will catch Walleye and Perch thru-holes.

The islanders will stock up, a few will reside without TV, while others without computers – but everyone will have one or two freezers. Few people will take ferry boats to America and returns with essential things and foods.

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