Reasons to Consider Noninvasive Skin Tightening Procedures

Do find yourself choosing hairstyles that pull back the skin of your face? Undergoing a skin tightening procedure may be the only option you have at maintaining your youthful fullness without worrying about the side effects. So if your idea of being beautiful means getting skin tightening in Memphis, then you have every good reason for doing it.

How noninvasive skin tightening works

At a Beautiful You Medical Spa, noninvasive skin tightening procedures work by running the Venus Legacy machine over the targeted areas where the skin is loose. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to improve your skin tone and texture. It also puts pressure on the fibrous tissue to aid in smoothing cellulite. Since it has no downtime, you can go back to your daily tasks as soon as you walk out of the medical spa.

Why consider noninvasive skin lightening treatments

The appearance of wrinkles or saggy skin is inevitable as you age due to the low production of collagen and elastin. The two proteins help your skin to stay firm, smooth, and slows down sagging skin on your neck, face, and the whole body. Opting for a noninvasive skin tightening option has the following advantages:

Leaves no scars

People have different types of skins. Some have skin that heals faster after incisions, while others may take forever or develop scars. But that can only happen when you go for surgical procedures. Noninvasive skin tightening treatment, on the other hand, leaves no scars hence giving the best results.

No downtime needed

Nonsurgical skin tightening procedures take a few hours for preparation and action. After the treatment, you will start seeing the results almost immediately. Also, you will have shorter and fewer visits to your cosmetic dermatologist than with a cosmetic surgeon.

Results up to one year

Imagine spending the rest of your year looking and feeling young thanks to tightened skin. This is an excellent way to obtain value for your money. While surgery may seem like a permanent way to tighten the skin, it is not easy to ignore the amount of money and time you will spend on the treatment and follow-ups.

Before your skin tightening procedure, your dermatologist will examine your skin type, and provide you with options that can achieve the desired results. Remember, some skin conditions such as eczema, skin cancers, and blackheads may need to be addressed before the procedure is conducted. Through a program of many skin tightening treatments, you can get dramatic results in no downtime. This explains why a dermatologist is the best person to assess your skin and customize a perfect treatment plan for you.

Restore your skin’s youthful fullness using skin tightening treatments

A Beautiful You Medical Spa has skin providers that can help you address your tightening goals. Since the program relies on a noninvasive treatment plan, you can rest assured that you will achieve your desired results as soon as the session is over. To learn more about how a skin tightening procedure is conducted, book a free consultation with your provider today.