Recreating the Wellness Centre Experience at Home

Quarantine has made many of us hesitant to patronize the services we rely on for relaxation and fitness. Having a productive day at the gym then treating yourself afterwards at the spa seems so impossible now, but you can still give yourself the pampering you deserve in the comfort and safety of your home. Here are a few ways you can build your wellness centre.

  1. Purchase the equipment

The best part about bringing your wellness centre straight to your home is that you can customise the selections to cover anything you need. For those looking to burn off the quarantine kilos, stationary bikes, multifunction workout machines, and treadmills are perfect for the home since they’re compact and cover both cardio and weight training. For your spa experience, you can purchase massage tubs and steam showers from trusted retailers like Amp up the luxury by lighting a scented candle and adding flowers, bubbles, or essential oils to your bathwater.

  1. Learn the necessary skills

Learning self-care skills like massage and nail care can certainly help you add more to your relaxation regimen. Frequent hand washing and alcohol use also significantly dries out your hands, so now is the time to give our hands the pampering they deserve by massaging in that hand cream and nail oil. If you live with your partner or a family member, you can offer to test your new skills on them to help ease the stress of everything that’s been going on lately.

  1. Try various skin and hair treatments

Most people abandoned their skincare and haircare routine over the pandemic. They believe that there’s no point in trying to keep up appearances since everyone is quarantining and wearing masks all the time, but the truth is, your beauty habits are just as important during the pandemic because they’ve been proven to have therapeutic benefits. Doing your skincare and applying your makeup at the start of every day helps put you in the right headspace for work and helps distract you from your problems and stressors.

There are no shortages of treatments for your hair and face, and if there’s one you’ve always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to, now’s your chance. Some people are hesitant to try new products fearing ill effects like acne or peeling, but now that you’re always at home and wearing a mask outside anyway, no one will see the aftermath, and you will have gained valuable insight into your skin’s reaction to certain products or ingredients.

Doing your part and halting the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t have to mean staying at home doing nothing. You can still be productive, especially if you make your home a conducive space for work and relaxation. This is also a good time to be mindful of your local spas, gyms, and wellness centres that were affected by COVID-19 restrictions. If you enjoyed their services before the pandemic, you can help keep their business afloat by purchasing their products or leaving them a positive review on Google and social media.