Relaxing Sounds by “Zen Lounge” App – The best anti-stress therapy:

Listening to relaxing Sleep Music has become one of the most popular therapies to promote mental, emotional and physical well- being. Entities such as the American Psychological Association (APA), published through the journal Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain, all kinds of updates and studies associated with this topic.

As we know, since ancient times, music has been an essential component in all cultures around the world. So it is not surprising that many scientists have decided to study its effects on both behavior and human health. Did you know that you can benefit from relaxing music apps like “Zen Lounge”? Next, we tell you how.

1.  Decrease stress:

Taking a few minutes, a day to listen to relaxing music is one way to find our inner peace after a stressful day. The soft, calm sounds calm the nerves and draw the mind away from those stressful thoughts.

2.  It improves cognitive functions:

While playing a musical instrument can increase reasoning ability communication skills, listening to music can increase concentration and help an optimal interconnection between the two cerebral hemispheres for better communication of neurons.

3.  Improve heart rate:

Research published in the Journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice found that listening to soothing background music is beneficial for lowering blood pressure and regulating heart rate.

4.  Promote restful sleep:

People who have sleep problems and listen to relaxing music achieve a better quality of sleep. Listening to soft Nature Melody before going to bed relaxes the body and mind, preventing worries or anxiety from stealing hours of rest

5.  Increase the feeling of happiness:

The relaxing sounds used in Sleep Music therapy help increase the secretion of serotonin and endorphins, two neurotransmitters associated with well-being. Therefore, spending a few minutes a day helps to increase the feeling of happiness.

6.  Boost creativity:

As relaxing music helps clarify thoughts, another of its great benefits is that it enhances creativity. When our mind relaxes, it increases its ability to analyze and finds new sources of inspiration.

7.  Fight depression:

Meditative sounds and classical music have an interesting effect on patients with depression. In particular, its melodies lift the mood and help clarify the mind when negative thoughts invade it.

8.  Helps relieve pain:

A lower sensation of stress and pain has been found in patients who listen to relaxing music after surgery. It is often used as part of the recovery process. These effects are largely attributed to its ability to increase the release of wellness hormones.

9.  Facilitate meditation:

Music is a good complement to meditation since it helps to disconnect the mind from everything that overwhelms it. Subtle or nature sounds help achieve that state of stillness and concentration required to balance the mind and body.

10.  Relaxing music to study:

Listening to relaxing music increases concentration and elevates many of our cognitive abilities. Therefore, when studying, it is recommended to put some soft music in the background. This allows for better information processing and retention.

The modern lifestyle, the multiple occupations at work and, in general, the constant exposure to stress have increased the need to access different methods of relaxation. Among these, listening to Zen Lounge relaxing music has become one of the most prominent.

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