Remember These Things Before Ordering a Custom Jewelry Piece

While many of us are used to seeing run-of-the-mill jewelry pieces (those that you can purchase off-the-shelf in shops), there are pieces of jewelry that stand out because of their uniqueness. They are practically so since they’re made for particular people with very distinct design specifications.

In fact, you only have to look at the items at a jeweler’s shop in Salt Lake City to see some custom jewelry with stunning personal details. These jewelers can take the client’s personal specifications and turn them into stunning pieces that perfectly capture the individual client’s personality. But before you troop to the nearest custom jeweler to order a piece, there are a few things that you must first think about.

Decide on the best design to capture your personality

It’s not enough that you have a rough idea of a nice-looking ring, bracelet, or necklace. It’s also vital to consider if the design actually reflects your personality. Keep in mind that you’re ordering a custom jewelry item because you want it to represent you. There’s no sense in having one crafted just because it looks great.

You can do so by sketching or listing down the specific qualities and features that you want your custom jewelry piece to have. Then communicate them with your chosen jeweler. You can go as specific as you want, which is all the better to make the item uniquely yours.

Have your design ideas transferred into photo-realistic render

While a rough sketch or list of your design ideas is cool, it’s better to have a designer translate them into a photo-realistic computer design so that you can truly visualize the finished product. This will allow you to see the fine details of your desired item and make the necessary corrections if any. The mock-ups must perfectly capture what you actually want your personalized piece to look like in flesh, and not what the designer thinks it should. Many custom jewelry shops have an in-house designer, so this should not be a problem on your part.

Get a trusted custom jeweler

It’s not enough that the jewelry shop offers the lowest price for custom pieces. You should also consider the shop’s pedigree and reputation before even writing down your check or paying in cash for any down payment.

You should do a background check first to see if the shop is known for creating top-caliber custom jewelry pieces that clients actually love. You might want to ask friends or colleagues for recommendations. You could also sleuth online to find reviews of shops that offer such a specialized service. Remember that custom jewelry pieces cost quite a considerable amount of money, so you have to be absolutely certain that you’re getting the right shop for the job.

Consider your budget

Customized rings are, of course, more expensive than similar rings that can be bought in shops. The intricate designs of most rings could also be a huge factor in spiking up their price tags.

With these factors, be sure to consider if your budget can accommodate the price of your dream jewelry. You don’t want to end up getting your desired custom piece but sacrificing your family or personal budget by doing so. Getting your dream jewelry piece should be a breeze and not burdensome in any way.