Remembering The Best Moments Of Your Life Through Star Maps

Stars appear to change their positions every night. Since the earth rotates, the moon and stars look like they are moving across the sky. The truth is different stars appear from different positions in the earth’s orbit. The movement of stars can be designed into personalized star maps that will commemorate important moments of your life that you want to remember always.

How to give life to a drab wall

There are literally hundreds of options to decorate a vacant wall but they do not focus on your personality. A personalized star map is a wall ornament that has personal significance. You can choose the date, time and location of the major stars in the sky including planets and constellations by using NASA’s Astronomical Data Centre’s star catalogue. You can change colours according to your liking or based on the moment you want to remember.

What moments to commemorate with a star map

According to tales passed down from culture to culture, when a child is born into the world, a star would appear in the sky. While this is not a fact, you can have a star map personalized according to the stars that appeared on the night that your child was born. This is a great way to relive the joy of your child’s birth.

If you want a unique remembrance of your wedding day, have a personalized star map on the star’s alignment during your special day. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a friend who is tying the knot, your best option is a star map that has a personal touch.

One of the best ways to celebrate a friend’s or loved one’s graduation is through a personalized star map based on the exact date, time and location where the diploma was received. You can also make a comparison between a star map for the first day at school and the star map during graduation. It will show how much the stars have shifted during the period.

How to decorate a large blank wall

One of the best options to decorate a large blank wall is to make it as a gallery wall. It would be nice to break up the framed star maps, word art and pictures with something different like brackets, special paint effects or wall sculptures. You can bring life to a lifeless and drab wall by using lots of colour and creativity. Play around with possible arrangements until you achieve something unique that matches your personality.

You can make a big statement with your walls by giving it a modern twist. Instead of simply hanging art directly on the wall, try to prop it up with decorative wall brackets. You can also experiment with different sizes and shapes of frames to boost visual appeal.