Role of inland logistics in the overall international shipment journey

A cargo travels a very long distance moving from one vehicle to another, passing through the hands of dozens of workers to reach the place of the entitled customer. From the day it leaves the seller’s inventory to the day it reaches the buyer, it goes through trucks, barges, shipping containers, vessels, and then again into trucks to finally land at the predefined destination. In this entire shipment journey, the role of inland logistics becomes crucial. Although traders tend to take the inland logistics very casually, it plays a vital part in assuring the safe delivery of cargo. After all, what is the use of well-secured seaborne transportation if the goods get damaged on its way to the delivery port?

Therefore, a trader should evaluate the international shipment journey of the freight to understand the implication of inland logistics. Just like the water transportation of the cargo has to be in safe hands, the carriage through the road must also be out of harm’s way. Without hiring a reliable inland logistics service, traders can fall into trouble during the shopping process. A slight inconvenience can hamper the business reputation of the trader.

Inland logistics connect the gap between the traders’ storage and the shipping ports.

What Is The Purpose Of Inland Logistics?

Neither the exporters nor the importers can deliver or collect the goods without the help of inland logistics. Depending upon the geographical location of the traders and the distance between the pickup or delivery point and the seaport, the medium of transportation must be selected. A trader should have sufficient knowledge about the usage and benefits of inland logistics to end up choosing a reliable service partner.

In India, the number of major ports that connect the international shipping lines is limited to 13. Not every trader has his godown or office near the ports. The inland logistics services help these traders to connect with the ports for facilitating convenient freight shipments. For instance, if a trader resides in a town where no roads are connected to an NH (National Highway), he might have to book a Barge for transporting the goods to the nearest pickup station. In similar circumstances, if the shipping port is too far away from the seller’s point, he will have to take the rail logistics for covering the distance in a short period.

Qualities Of A Good Service Provider

A trader has to choose the best inland logistics service provider so that the journey of the cargo is safe and secured. Almost all the service providers promise to offer high-quality service at competitive freight rates. However, one who knows how much and what quality of service he can get at a defined freight rate will always have an advantage in the market.

Instant Availability

More often than not, the need for urgent delivery of cargo to the seaport arises because the vessels are dispatched at a scheduled time. Missing the time of dispatch can not only lead to a delay of shipment but can also cost the trader dearly. This is why one should always rely upon a service partner that provides instant freight quotes and the required vehicle. The traders can save a considerable amount of time and effort by sharing the responsibility with a renowned inland logistics company.

Verified And Trusted Operators

It is no secret that every step of the international cargo shipment is subject to legal checking. A trader must have a clean name in the country he resides and the one he trades with so that his reputation remains in the industry. If a trader is found transporting his goods through an unauthorised vehicle, he can fall into legal trouble. Thus, find a service provider that offers only verified and trusted inland logistics operators.

Tracking Facility

Earlier, traders could only avail the cargo-tracking facilities in seaborne or airborne transportation. Today, considering the need of the hour, the inland logistics department also offers the tracking facility with the help of which traders can know the whereabouts of their cargo even when it is travelling via road or rail. One should always ask for this facility to ensure the safe transportation of the goods.

Helpful Coordinators

Inevitable delays and discoordination between the inland logistics drivers and workers is a very common phenomenon in the international shipping industry. The minor issues that arise due to these delays can cause big trouble in the long run. Therefore, a smart trader is one who chooses the service partner that offers helpful and humble coordinators.

Reasonable Rates

Just like any other business, the shipping business is also run with the motive profit maximisation. Traders look for all the possible loopholes to reduce costs as much as possible. This is why hiring inland logistics services at reasonable rates should also be a point of concern.


The role of inland logistics in the international shipping industry is often underestimated, but the intellectual traders are the ones who give equal consideration to it. After all, without it, there is no possibility of successful shipping.