Run a free background check before the date

It’s been three days since you matched with him and things look good. He seems sensitive and funny and cares enough not to send unsolicited pictures. You both decide that you should meet and things look good between you two. All smiles of the new romance. The date is set for tomorrow and this stupid pessimist best friend is constantly asking you to be careful. He seems like such a sweet man why do you worry so much. She calls you at 2 am in the morning and the half-sleepy you picks up and hears the most ridiculous but alarming thing about him. How can this be possible? This perfect man is a two times sex offender. She asks you to open this free background check website and enter his name. You enter his name and there he is; the fifth on the list with a smiling mug-shot on the display. He is, indeed, a two times sex offender and nowhere close to being someone’s perfect man like a dream but can be a nightmare.

You’ve been awake all night in terror of what you just witnessed and how to cope up with it when you get a good morning text from the man himself. You immediately block him and feel happy that you have such a pessimistic friend. It’s nothing to be proud of but a little pessimism or worry can help you see things more clearly. Optimism comes with a shade that filters the dark tones. The important thing is that you dodge it. It could’ve been something else if it were not for your friend and this service; a very helpful one.

Working of the pessimist

We don’t know how the mind of a pessimist works but we do know how this service works. So we’re going to stick to that. The gist; open the website, enter the details and see what kind of a person this date is.

These services work for a cause to provide a safe environment to cautious and aware people and their friends. The information they provide is completely safe and reliable. Plus, the extent to which you can know about a person beforehand is always a good thing. The mechanism is very simple. It’s free an easy to use. You type the information you know in the required fields and millions of results starts getting processed. It filters out what you don’t want and shows you the list of people with the same name in the vicinity. It gives information from address history, social media profiles to criminal history, registered offences, driving history and whatnot.

It’s always safe and better to be the negative friend who can call you at 2 am and tell you that your new date is an offender rather than being the one wearing shades of optimism and dreaming of going out with this person. This person is the only person in the story who isn’t happy with the service.