Should you consider built-in wardrobes for your home? Find here!

Contemporary homes and apartments often lack adequate space, and interior designers have the tough job of making the most of smaller rooms. If you don’t have an extra room for dressing and wardrobes, you have to find space in the bedroom. Freestanding wardrobes are not expensive for sure, but these don’t always seem enough for everyone’s personal needs. Your closet needs to have room for everything, and organization is an aspect that must be considered. If you are wondering how you can do better with cupboards design, a better alternative is built-in wardrobes. Here’s more on what you need to know.

Decoding the benefits

  1. The foremost advantage of built-in wardrobes is customization. No matter what kind of wardrobe you need, there is always something that will fit your requirements. Homeowners don’t mind spending more because they get exactly what they are looking for.
  2. With built-in wardrobes, you can actually make the most of space. From floor to ceiling wardrobes to the L-shaped ones, there are endless possibilities as how you use the wall space. Such wardrobes can be also used to partition a big bedroom.
  3. There is also the choice to open racks, lighting solutions within the built-in wardrobe, so you can choose to turn the space into a more tailored storage option. One of the prime reasons to go for built-in wardrobes is the range of functionalities one can achieve.
  4. Save extra space. If you go for built-in wardrobes with extra mirrors, you don’t need a dressing table. The designs with many drawers also add more space, so everything in the bedroom will be out of sight, which creates an organized effect.
  5. Numerous finishes. From something like acrylic to wood and more, there are varied choices in finishes, so if you are revamping your bedroom only in parts, you can find something that will work with rest of the interiors.

On the flip side

There’s no denying that built-in wardrobes can be expensive, but if you consider the function and advantages, the costs are worth paying for.

Things to consider

If you have made up your mind about built-in wardrobes, the next step is to find a design service that can offer wide range of designs and styles. Customization is the key here, and built-in wardrobes are made in a factory and installed at site, so it may take a few weeks to get the product ready. Check with the design service to know if they can offer free consultation, because that’s important. You want to be absolutely sure that the design service is affordable and cooperative at the same time. We recommend that you ask a few questions, like-

  1. What’s the design process like?
  2. Will you send your interior experts to my home?
  3. How much time is required for delivery on an average?
  4. Can you show samples of materials?
  5. Do you have pictures of your best projects?
  6. What’s the estimate? Can I get a quote free of obligation?
  7. Can you handle other kinds of interior design work?

Besides these questions, do check their clientele and if the concerned company has designed and offered built-in wardrobes like the one you want. It is your money, spend it wisely on the wardrobe, and we promise that customised solutions always work perfectly in the long run, even when the upfront costs are higher.