Should you monetize your social media account? Here’s the definition of an influencer!

A well-known author in marketing, Seth Godin, once said that people don’t buy products or services, but “relationships, stories and magic”. The influencers of our time understood that lesson and are offering those 3 elements in one attractive package.

If you want to monetize your social media account, you already know that the Influencer Marketing field is one of the best ways to earn money online. It all sttarts from one person that uses his/her image, imagination, and intelligence to create a community that trusts his advice. Before you can monetize your social media account, here are some basic concepts that you should know in order to understand what Influencer Marketing is all about, how you can create a trustworthy image, and how you can actually earn money based on your influence.

What’s an influencer?

Off the bat, an influencer is a person that can influence other people’s opinion. Still, this term has a lot of new meanings in today’s society. The influencing concept is strongly connected to the technological development and the consumer society. An influencer is a personality in a certain online domain, like Fashion, Beauty, Gaming, Health, Fitness, Parenting, and so on.

If you want to monetize your social media account and become a successful influencer, you have to create quality content that not only attracts attention, but can gain people’s trust, making them stick to your side of the story. This means that you have to be a leader for your community, a friend, and a role model.

monetize your social media account

A true influencer can only be a person that started this career from the ground up, and everyone today has the possibility to do this. For the sake of the argument, there are influencers that started out this business with more than an idea: they already had a community. These are professional athletes, actors, famous musicians, and so on. There can be a small difference here: having a lot of followers doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an influencer.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Although an influencer starts this activity by himself, he patiently builds an online community out of the people that trust and act on his recommendations and suggestions. This way, in time, companies reach out to influencers to promote their products and to earn brand credibility. If you are only planning to monetize your social media account, you should know there is more in store for you if you manage to become an influencer.

A lot of people trust the recommendations that come from friends more than they trust classic commercials and marketing efforts. By definition, an influencer is more than an opinion leader, he’s seen as a close friend by the entire community that follows him.

The relationship that exists between influencers and the companies that want to promote their products and services is a great part of Influencer Marketing. The impact that content creators have on the community translates into brand awareness, trust, and, ultimately, profits for the company.

How much does an influencer earn?

Being an influencer today can translate into great earnings, especially if you take advantage of the fan apps that are trending right now. One of those apps is, and its mission is to bring content creators and followers together. Of course, you will earn money through a subscription system available on the platform, so if you want to monetize your social media account, just set up a profile on qrush! If you’re into modeling, check out Averilellis‘s profile!