Simple ways to protect your roof from heat damage

With summer dwindling down for many parts of the U.S., it is now time to reflect and put a plan in place for next year. One of those plans should be discussing how to protect your home so it stands the test of time during harsh heat conditions.

Simple ways to protect your roof from heat damage in the summer

Check for signs of wear and tear

Conducting a simple home inspection is a great way to ensure your home is set up for protection from the heat. You can do this by walking around your home and seeing if your roof has missing shingles, broken metal, missing downspouts, or even holes in it.

If any of these things are evident, it’s time to call a professional roofing company to come help.

Get your gutters cleaned annually

Regardless if you have a shingled roof or metal roofing, you need to have your gutters cleaned annually.

When you hire a professional to come do the work for you, most will use a scrub brush along the inside and outside as they remove the buildup of leaves and debris. Gutter cleaning not only helps keep your gutters from being clogged, but it helps keep your exterior polished and looking new.

Check your home’s ventilation –

Another simple way to protect your roof from heat damage is by checking your home’s ventilation. Ventilation is a main culprit in your home having heat damage. So, how do you check your home’s ventilation?

One way is by going into your attic and seeing if you have any holes or if you have an exterior window that needs to be opened or closed.

The second way is by analyzing your electric bills. If you’ve noticed your electric bills have jumped, yet you haven’t changed the thermostat, you may have a ventilation problem that’s overworking your AC unit.

Trim your trees

With so many fires happening each year, it’s important you keep your trees and any foliage around your home trimmed. The last thing you’d want is for the hot summer sun to start a fire on your roof.