Some of the Most Beautiful Wild Beaches in Romania

If you are not a fan of loungers and beach bars, then wild beaches are for you. When you think of Romania tours, why not go where you will only be met by untouched beauty,the lingering sound of the sea, idyllic sand stretches and shorelines,and the preserved nature of the wilderness? Below are some of the beaches in Romania that you should get to visit.


  • Vadu Beach


The virginVadu Beach is only 60 minutes from Constanta, and among the last pristine beaches on the Black Sea coast. The beach is clean and safe. The sea is close to the shore and not very deep, making it the ideal place to be when you are carrying kids along. While visiting Vadu, ensure you TAKE everything you might need, as the nearest residence is a few kilometers from the beach. You may need to camp in a tent for the night.


  • Corbu Beach


The Corbu beach is located near the Mamaia and Navodari resorts. The place is popular for water sports because of its clear waters. People flock the beach to snorkel, windsurf and do kitesurfing at the school near the Corbu lake. There are numerous attractions you can treat yourself to, a short distance from the beach. These include the Enisala Fortress ruins and the Histria Fortress.


  • Agigea Beach


Agigea beach is for you if you love to sunbathe and snorkel. It is found near the Agigea village and is an excellent place to spot some fish found in the Black Sea. If you want a taste of the fish, catch a plate at the restaurants found at the seaside. You will also spot some crabs on the shore and the sea snail, Rapana venosa, on the shallow waters. 


  • Gostinu Beach


The Gostinu beach is found at the shore of the Danube River and near the village of Gostinu. It is known as the ‘last untouched Danube beach,’ and the perfect place for birdwatching and swimming, and camping. The beach has a stretch of 1.5 kilometers and a width of up to 100 meters during the driest summers.  It is surrounded by forests which can provide refuge when you need to cool off during the hot summer. Close to the beach, there is the Giurgiu fortress which is now in ruins. It served as the most important defense point in Romania. 


  • Gheorghe Beach


If you want an ultimate wild destination, then you have Gheorghe beach. Only accessible by boat, the beach is one of the biggest pristine beaches located only a short distance from the Sfantu Gheorghe village. You can be sure to catch several bird species in the surrounding, so be ready with your quality camera. A word of caution—there are many roaming horses which you will have to share the finesands with. 

Wild beaches provide a feel of nature and quietness that regular beaches cannot. Make unique memories by visiting either of the above wild beaches in Romania.