Specifications of KENT CamEye that Make it the best Vehicle Security Device

KENT CamEye is no less than a revolutionary product among all the vanilla dash-cams and GPS trackers. It is said to be designed and engineered with innovative technology to provide the car owners with a complete solution in terms of vehicle security and safety of their loved ones on the drive.

KENT CamEye, in comparison to other dash cams, is a little pricey but good to choose out of the options available in the Indian market. It is bundled with distinctive features that make it superior to other primary dash cams and GPS trackers. These features help the users to create a virtual safety mesh around their valued family and car.

Let’s get a brief idea of the important features of KENT CamEye that makes this dash-cam-cum GPS tracker quite useful:

  1. Time-lapse video recording: KENT CamEye records the time-lapse video of everything happening inside and outside the car. The videos are then uploaded to the secure Cloud storage to be watched later.
  2. Live video streaming: To ensure the safety of the vehicle and your loved ones, you can’t wait to watch the recorded video. Therefore, KENT CamEye helps you with live video streaming that offers real-time visuals of inside or outside view of the car.
  3. GPS location tracking: KENT CamEye has been enabled with a GPS system that helps in tracking the real-time location of the car in transit. Additionally, it offers the route playback option to see the places the vehicle has travelled.
  4. AI Alerts: This device is a perfect example of artificial intelligence technology. It has been integrated with a list of alerts that revolves around the safety measures required while driving. These alerts help the users to get notified about the breach of these measures by the driver in the car.

Ever wondered, what makes these features work? Well, KENT CamEye has been designed smartly by clubbing the best technology standards. Each of the above said features utilise particular components of this device.

Here’s the list of specifications which makes KENT CamEye the best dash cam with GPS tracker worth the price in India.

  1. Car Camera and Audio

KENT CamEye has dual cameras to capture the in-car activities as well as things visible through the front windshield of the car. The lenses, each of 720p resolution offer higher picture quality so that each detail remains visible to the user. To keep things quite visible during the night trips, the camera has been enabled with infrared vision. The camera not merely captures the straightway scenes but also captures a larger view, for which it has been provisioned with a 120-degree field of view.

  1. Battery and Power

KENT CamEye comes with the built-in powerful battery of 3000 mAh to run longer. It takes almost 3-4 hours to get fully charged and can then continue to work for significant hours. The device takes power from a 12V socket in the car through an extended 3-meter USB cable (provided with the device). However, it is recommended to keep the device plugged-in, especially during the long journey so that it remains charged throughout the trip.

  1. GPS and Network

For seamless connectivity and functioning of the device, KENT CamEye uses 4G SIM that comes pre-installed with it. It helps in accurate GPS location tracking and keeps the user connected with their loved ones through the app without any interruption. It also enables the live video to stream without any buffering.

  1. Sensors and Alarms

KENT CamEye has been engineered with various sensors that help in triggering alerts during the breach of safety measures by the car’s driver. It has accelerometer sensors, along with temperature, light, and noise level that let the device keep a tab on the various dynamics of the moving car. Since there’s no hard wiring, these sensors help in registering the trip details including speed, noise level, in-cabin temperature etc.

KENT CamEye is a perfect vehicle security system that users can install in their cars to stay relaxed while their chauffeur drives in their absence or when their loved ones are driving alone.