There is no denying that sports fans can become sports bettors, too. Their passion for sports could take them to the point of betting to prove their belief in a team or a person’s skills in a specific game. 

Here enters 2021, and the trends keep changing. As physical sports took a new platform, new features in sportsbooks like Betting Kenya have regular updates that boost gamblers betting experience, so read on.

The Advancement of E-Sports Betting

With the dawn of technology and the recent 2020 pandemic, different generations and people reached out to the internet for entertainment. Many sports fanatics and sports bettors, even in Live Betting Kenya, were up for it. Analysts see that E-sports popularity will continue even in the years to come because of its accessibility anytime a sports fan would want to watch and anywhere a sports bettor would want to place a bet.

Player Tracking is Emerging

Of the many things that technology paved the way, player tracking continues to pick up stream and interest from sports fans. It may not be as huge as E-sports, but this new trend is a sure big help, particularly to pro-bettors who need useful information about their player. 

Player tracking is a real-time data recording feature that gives information about a player’s performance, health, and lifestyle.

Easier Last-Minute Betting

While pro-bettors benefit from the player tracking feature, novices in the betting industry will find this last-minute betting feature helpful, especially in game situations that seem unpredictable.

Bonuses and Free Bets

These features all the more made 2021 more exciting. Free bets and bonuses are for loyal bettors and new bettors who would like to try their luck in online sports gamble.

Check up on this infographic to learn more about these 2021 sports betting trends.
Sports betting Kenya trends for 2021