Sprinkler Systems services

Maintaining a large garden can be pretty time-consuming and exhausting. That’s why investing in a sound sprinkler system can be a really efficient way to manage a healthy garden while reducing time and effort spent on doing it manually.

Some of the benefits of investing in a sprinkler system include:

  1. Savings: Sprinkler systems reduce your bills and are much more efficient to water your garden than the traditional water hose method. Instead of using more water than necessary, sprinkler systems reduce the amount of water used.
  2. Convenience: When you are away from home for extended periods, having someone to look after your garden can be quite inconvenient. If they don’t care and tend to your garden the way you do, your plants could suffer. Automated sprinkler systems remove this risk and the need to hire a helping hand when you are not around.
  3. Efficiency: When using a garden hose to water your garden, there is a danger of over-watering and under-watering certain areas of your garden. But when you invest in a sound sprinkler system and strategically install it, you can ensure your garden always gets adequate water. This will help them stay greener and grow faster.

Once you have installed a good sprinkler system, you will need to winterize it to prevent the water from freezing, expanding, and cracking your pipes during the cold months.

Learning to winterize your sprinkler system is not hard. Still, we recommend hiring experts like Turfcure because if the winterization & un-winterization isn’t done correctly, it could damage your sprinkler system, resulting in additional costs in the future.

Apart from that, Winterization Pros have excellent working knowledge to ensure nothing goes wrong during the whole process and can help out with sprinkler repair when needed.

Turfcure are lawn and sprinkler specialists with a team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience repairing, installing, and maintaining sprinklers on residential and commercial properties.