Stay calm and stay fit with GINBOX Health and Wellness Series

The last two years of pandemic have taught us that nothing is more important than our health. In these testing times, we have learnt the importance of building immunity, exercise, healthy food habits, hygiene and cleanliness. We understand that being healthy is not merely the absence of disease or illness but the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. But for that we need a wide range of medical, fitness, household and personal care goods and articles. GINBOX is here to help you with the great Deals and Discounts on Health & Wellness products and services.

GINBOX is an online platform that is loaded with sales and offers from all around the world. You just need to select the mode of your shopping and the type of product from our Ad category and you will be delighted to receive numerous deals by your favorite brands. Let the brand be from a store near you or from any online portal, we will guide you to their location or website using our smart address feature. You can connect with them and make purchases directly from them. Save your time and efforts by logging at only one place, GINBOX.IO.

We make you attain a better health in an easier way

GINBOX Ads allows companies to post their banners and flyers without collecting any additional charges from them. Owing to this, you are entitled to view Best Dealsoffered by both online and offline health and wellness stores. You will be provided with the products and services for men and women of all age groups. From diet and nutrition supplements to medical supplies, from healthcare products to personal care, from household goods to hygiene needs, you get all at this one roof. And thus we say, we give you an easier way to take better care of yourself and your family!

We can convert your shipping address to a Smart Address

With innovation in technology, we have come up with a way to convert your long shipping address to a short Smart Address, termed as GINBOX number. You can create your own GINBOX number to be used in place of your shipping address. Just like your phone number or email id, it is simple and unique for each address. So next time when you make an online purchase, you don’t have to take the pain of typing your whole address all over again. You can quickly check out by entering the precise GINBOX number and you will get the goods at your destination.

This GINBOX number works globally and you can update it if you are travelling. You can share it with your friends and visitors and help them find you. It shows the location on Google map and one can navigate through it easily. In the same way, you can find the address of the stores providing the best health and wellness products near you. Simplify your life by using this latest technology.

Take a path to improved health and attain wellness through a positive approach to living. Join us and give yourself and your loved ones the gift of holistic health.