The increase in demand for ridesharing platforms has seen serviced car providers introduce various new technology and on-demand options in the sector to ensure the safety, comfort, and efficiency of corporate travelers while on the road. Thus, travel buyers need to evaluate their chauffeured transportation programs and policies to cater to their business’s needs.

Accordingly, it is important to choose the right chauffeured car provider that suits your business’s needs and requirements. The first step to ensure a smooth partnership with a chauffeured car provider is to gather relevant data about their service, including information about their services and program outcomes with past clients. It should also include the usage statistics and actual travel statistics information of your travel programs in the previous years, as this may help you weigh different program options and create a strategy for your ground transport program.

For example, your company is eyeing a luxury chauffeur in London to handle your Birmingham corporate travel program. You may make a request for proposal (RFP) for the suppliers. The RFP should be simple and concise to make it easier to analyze.

It could also include other information, such as how they select their affiliates, the consistency of standards across subsidiaries and licensed locations, and the percentage of your trips that will be serviced by affiliates, franchisees, and company-owned suppliers. You may also request the fleet and driver information, insurance requirements, the supplier’s reservation method, and the supplier’s pricing model in the RFP. Subsequently, it can also include a formal customer service program for corporate customers, if there is any, and how the supplier defines their duty of care.

Lastly, once the suppliers have submitted their response to your RFP, it is now time to evaluate which chauffeur in Birmingham can cater to your business’s needs. It is important to assess your company’s service needs and budgetary limits before choosing the final chauffeured car service supplier for your organization.

Being meticulous when selecting a chauffeured car provider can help you achieve a trip for your employees that is safe, comfortable, efficient, and productive. This infographic of Hyryde details the steps to ensure a smooth partnership with chauffeured car providers.
Steps to Ensure a Smooth Partnership with Chauffeured Car Providers