Streamlining the Move Into Student Accommodation   


If you’re moving into student accommodation – particularly if you’re an international student – it certainly can a difficult time. This move is made even worse if it’s the first time you’ve moved outside out of your family home, as you might not really understand what your roles and responsibilities are. In this article, we provide some great tips to help you make the moving process much simpler than it otherwise might be.

Some tips to get you started

If you’ve got some Macquarie university accommodation lined up, congrats! This is one of the more difficult things you’ll have to organise, so some stress should at least be lifted in this regard. If you’re yet to land your accommodation, a good place to start is by working out your options – depending on your budget, you might choose to live with a few people at once, or if you value your privacy, you might instead elect to live in an apartment on your own. Doing a little bit of your own research can help considerably in you making an informed decision in this regard. If you’re not wanting to share accommodation due to the potential of you having your things stolen, there’s no need to worry – theft can happen anywhere, but if you take the time to lock your things up and ensure people aren’t randomly let into your home or building, you should be totally fine. After you’ve worked out your accommodation, one common sense tip that can help you keep it is to pay your rent on time – although this may seem obvious, sometimes improper budgets can make this a lot harder than it needs to be.

Making your accommodation more pleasant to live in

After you’ve started living in your new student accommodation, you might think that you can just sit back and relax – while that is true to an extent, doing so in some circumstances can make your living situation harder than it needs to be. If you’re living with other people, to ensure that harmony is constantly maintained in the house, it’s a good idea to stay connected with the people you live with. Getting along with the people you share accommodation not only ensures that everyone co-operates with things like household chores and the using of space in certain rooms, but it also affords the fantastic opportunity for people to potentially even become friends! Being aware of these spaces is vital if you are to ensure that the house stays clean as well. It doesn’t take long at all to create a dirty house environment, so creating a cleaning roster and ensuring everyone stays on top of it can guarantee that common spaces don’t get too out of hand too quickly.

Creating your own space

Although it’s something that is often overlooked, making your new space feel like home is one of the most important things you can do to make your new accommodation really feel like home, which is something that is particularly important for international students and their education results. You can try things like hanging up art, introducing some lovely indoor plants or placing pictures of friends and family around the place – there are a lot of opportunities to make you feel closer to your new home than you might think!