Sugar ants aren’t the passengers you want for your car   

When you think of pests or insects, ants the first and the most common ones to find around. Being one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth and having thousands of species, the ants are truly a natural marvel. And, considering that they can invade almost any place, makes them the greatest invaders of all time. Be it in your kitchen, backyard, picnic at the park or your car, they can get in everywhere. Yes, you read that right, these tiny crawlers can get into your car too. Now, that’s the kind of passenger you wouldn’t want to share a ride with.


And of all the species, sugar ants are commonly found in domestic areas and around us. All you need are these simple steps to keep these sweet craving crawlers out of your car.


  1.     Watch where you are parking

We often park our cars where we feel it is safe from traffic or any harm. But, what about these little invaders? What if you parked your car near an anthill or trash bins? If possible, try to change your parking area. If it is your usual parking location, at the office or building, you might want to look around for ants every once in a while.

But, if the ants have already got into your car, don’t forget to get your car cleaned before changing the spot.

  1.     Keeping your car clean can go a long way

As your detailer might also suggest, keeping your car clean can have numerous benefits. Apart from giving a pleasant look to the interiors and keeping the car odourless, it would also keep these ants away. Sugar ants are usually attracted to food crumbs and clutter in the car. And while your car looks clean, there could be all sorts of nasty waste under the mat and the gaps.

So, make sure you get your car cleaned on a regular basis. Also, if there are leaks (coolant or some oil), you should get that fixed too.

  1.     Use preventive methods to keep them out

Even if your car is clean and out of their way, there is still a slight chance of ants getting in. However, you could use natural deterrents like peppermint oil or clove essence in your car. The chemical composition of these oils is quite effective against pests. Also, spraying these oil/fragrance in the car would leave you with a refreshing scent.

If not the oils, you could use a dilute salt solution spray on the affected areas. You can also use chalk to line the common entry points like gaps in the door, vents etc.


These simple steps could come in handy to keep your car off the ant radar. But, if they have already tracked you down and invaded your vehicle, check out the step on ‘How to get rid of sugar ants in your car’. Removing the ants isn’t enough. You need to erase any trace of them being there, to stay away from having a repeat episode.