Technology Based Dermatologist in Town

Healthy and vibrant skin is crucial as it improves appearance. Various media have emphasized smooth skin, necessitating discovering new methods of getting to the goal. Besides, people with skin blemishes and conditions face criticism in society. The utterances directed to such people negatively impact their self-esteem. Therefore, it is the demand from people seeking skin solutions that led Dr. Terrence Keaney dermatologist to start a clinic in Arlington. A team of medical professionals offers the best service to clients through individualized treatment options. 

More so, the facility offers the client the best service because the doctors put the patients’ needs first. Therefore, the practitioners are not there to push patients as numbers. In addition, the clinic has innovative care treatments that target patients with different needs. It is also important to note that doctors listen and try to meet the goals of the patients. Importantly, the team at the clinic endeavor to create lasting relationships with the clients. The patients benefit from up to date techniques because the doctors are always researching new technology. 

Furthermore, the facility is sensitive to what is happening because of the pandemic. They have published in their website guidelines that staff, existing, and new patients should follow to minimize the spread of COVID-19. 

The hospital offers services such as dermatology, cosmetic, and hair restoration treatments. The clinic treats various skin issues such as acne, acne scars, scar treatment, dark spots, and halo laser. The dermatologist first eliminates acne before they can deal with resulting scars. The scars are then treated using chemical peels, laser treatments, micro-needling, and fillers. For patients with acne, treatment depends on how they respond to topical medications, chemical peels, and laser treatment. 

Additionally, the hair treatments depend on the type of hair loss the patient has. Some types of hair loss can prove problematic to treat, while others reverse easily. Additionally, the clinic offers platelet-rich plasma therapy to eliminate wrinkles, acne scars, and sunburns. Additionally, PRP therapy, when employed with microneedling, promotes collagen production, which promotes regeneration.The therapy uses concentrated plasma blood drawn from the patient. More so, the doctors provide skin tightening procedures and laser hair removal. The facility also welcomes people who want to have a dream body by offering cool-tone and body contouring. Another service offered is for people that no longer want their tattoos. They can visit the office and schedule for removal. 

Thus, SkinDC Dermatologists help people with varied skin issues and want to get a well-contoured body. Two specialists own the facility, and four others help offer the best service to the clients. Additionally, the clients get the best treatment because the team focuses on researching new and improved technology. Patients have a guarantee of obtaining solutions for their problems since there are only positive reviews of the doctors and services offered. Therefore, people should book an appointment online and get started on the journey to smooth and glowing skin.