Teeth Replacement Procedures to Help Redefine Your Feeding Habits and Laughter

Tooth decay is one issue that affects many people, this problem has cost people their teeth. Teeth loss is also an issue that can arise due to many other factors. For instance, you could lose your teeth after a fight or an accident, making you unable to enjoy your food or talk with comfort. Fortunately, if you have missing teeth in Emerson, you can have a reason to smile at Emerson Dental Arts. Teeth replacement services can help you have in place tooth implants that look and feel like your natural set of teeth.

Why do You Need Tooth Replacement After Tooth Loss?

Missing some teeth sounds like a simple issue with no consequences, however, tooth loss has caused many people to lose their mouth aesthetics due to their bite shift. An empty tooth socket at the front of the mouth can affect your bite, including your smile. Shifting of your teeth can also significantly influence how you chew your food. This is why you need the help of Emerson Dental Arts for that quick mouth redefinition to help you eat and smile normally.

What Options are There for You if You Have Missing Teeth?

Dr. Katz, the head of the dental unit, suggests that people get an examination to determine the best tooth replacement options. Your dentist will also provide the correct method to make your new teeth firmer and ready to bite. The best options that exist for you include:

  • Porcelain bridges
  • Dentures and partial dentures
  • Implants

Before any tooth replacement procedure, Dr. Katz will check your bones’ health and determine whether you are fit for a grafting procedure. Additionally, during the replacement of your missing teeth, you have the power to select the type of implants you desire.

Do Dentures Provide You With Any Benefits?

Yes, dentures can redefine your oral health in many ways, one of them being the ability to smile with your brilliant white dentures showing. Tooth decay can take a huge toll on you even by changing the colors of your teeth. However, with dentures in place, you can now smile without your self-consciousness compelling you to use your hands to cover your mouth.

Losing an entire row of teeth can also take a huge toll on your oral health. You will find it hard to chew food, which can impact your overall health. However, with dentures, you can have an entire row replacement to make you enjoy your meals even more.

What is the Role of Bridges in Tooth Replacement?

Bridges help replace certain teeth lost, leaving some of your natural ones standing alone. When you have bridges in place, they will act as your natural set of teeth for a long time. However, Emerson Dental Arts offers adjustment services that will improve the functioning of the structures.

Eliminate your self-consciousness caused by tooth decay with a new set of teeth that will make you smile more. Enjoy all these procedures by calling or reaching Emerson Dental Arts through our website.