Teleconsultation, During the Time of Covid-19

It was around 2:30 am in the night. I have been feeling short of breath. I was unable to get a clue; why is it happening to me? It isn’t easy to visit the hospital during this time at night. Also, other family members would get disturbed and panic too.

I realized of teleconsultation. I search for a physician, submit the fee, and get connected instantly. The doctor listened to my health issues carefully and advised me with the appropriate meditation. Also, it was late at night, so my doctor suggested a home remedy to try, which was effective.

Teleconsultation has saved me from getting my health situation worse. It is quite an impressive and beneficial way to take care of health.

The service provides the facility to connect with the doctor at any time as per your convenience.

Let us understand the main advantages of teleconsultation service: 

  •  Have the facility of the doctor all the time.
  •  Get an effective advice from the specialist as per your illness.
  •  Short term ailments can be properly taken care by the advice from the online doctors
  •  Understand the seriousness of your illness or condition.
  •  Obtain a second medical opinion
  •  You could get the benefit of more detailed explanation of a diagnosis provided by your primary care physician
  • Receive regular medical follow-up
  • The service is cost-effective and delivered at the comfort of your home

Process of teleconsultation service

You would require a medical application that offers teleconsultation services where you can connect with your doctor online via chat, video, or call. Install the app to your phone and explore the option.

You would have the list of specialists to choose from as per your ailments. So, select the specialization and make the payment.

As soon as you make the payment, you would be assigned a medical expert on chat. Your medical expert would ask about your problem and would be all ears to you.

If you feel chat would too long to explain everything, you could use the call option and connect with your specialist over the call.

Share all the symptoms and unhealthy issues, and look for the meditation or prescription. You could also share the diagnosis reports online so that the doctor would have an appropriate idea about your illness, and s/he can give you the best advice.


This is the time of the pandemic. Everywhere people are advised to follow the safety measure to stay safe from the virus. Teleconsultation has become a wonderful tool in managing the medical situation of other people when the corona patient occupies the hospital beds.

It is essential to make people encourage more and more about the teleconsultation and its uses. Old age people, who usually need the body check-ups, meditation, and other medical help should use the online doctor consultation service more often.

If required, then only visit the hospital. This is the time to get aware and spread awareness.