Ten Mistakes You Must Avoid While Preparing for CAT Examination 

During CAT exam preparation, students usually commit the same set of mistakes that can be avoided. To ease your CAT exam preparation, below-mentioned is a list of some major or minor mistakes that CAT aspirants should avoid during CAT exam preparation. If these mistakes are avoided then the CAT aspirants will certainly feel a lot more confident while appearing for the exam.

1. Not Following the CAT Syllabus

It is imperative for the CAT aspirants to study their syllabus minutely. It helps students to have a detailed idea of the topics which are to be covered for better CAT exam preparation. For instance, in the MBA CAT preparation, it is essential to make a list of topics that fall under different areas namely – Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension.  

2.Not Formulating A Strategy for MBA CAT Preparation

During MBA CAT preparation, the study plan has to be formulated to focus equally on your strong and weak areas. Moreover, prepare yourself by giving sufficient amount of time to each section of the exam. Keep yourself updated on current affairs by reading newspapers and magazines. 

3.Not Giving Enough Time to Each Topic

Another area of focus for MBA CAT preparation is to give enough time to understand the concepts and then moving on to another topic. One needs to practice well to understand the question types for individual sections. Don’t be in a hurry to complete the course and miss out on the important basics of each area.   

4.Not Appearing or Taking Excessive Mocks

CAT mocks or CAT test series were created to provide a roadmap for CAT exam preparation. These series help provide an analysis to students about their strengths and weaknesses in various subjects. It also gives an idea about the level of CAT exam preparation they have to put in. But do not over attempt the mocks as it might affect your performance.

5.Not Learning from Your Mistakes

CAT aspirants are advised to appear in mocks or CAT test series to find out the areas of improvement. You need to prepare well for the exam and avoid silly mistakes that you had encountered while appearing for mocks. So, analyzing your mock result and learning from your mistakes will help you to build a good score.

6.Preparing for CAT with No Target

The CAT aspirants preparing for IIM need to set their targets or else they might end up spending a lot of time on the topics which require less time to learn. Therefore, it is recommended to have a goal set for each day to study keeping in mind IIM CAT preparation. 

7.Spending Too Much on a Particular Topic

Usually, CAT aspirants spend too much time on subjects of their own interests with a thought of scoring well in CAT. For IIM CAT preparation, students need to understand, practice and master in concepts of all the sections in CAT namely Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Reading Comprehension.  

8.Stopping on a Tricky Question for Long

Students appearing for CAT are aware of the exam pattern, the total number of sections and the time allocated for each section. It is expected that the aspirants should focus on attempting each section within the stipulated time. But if in case you get stuck on any tricky question, which may consume more time; it is then advised not to hold for long as you might not be able to attempt all the questions of other sections. 

9.Do Not Panic

One of the important things for IIM CAT preparation is that the aspirants should try to maintain self-control and do not panic. There is a tendency to panic if the candidate sees that the questions asked are difficult. In such situations, maintain your cool and read the questions again and try to recall what you studied during CAT exam preparation. Hence this is one of the biggest mistakes you should avoid on your exam day.

10.Demotivation and Negative Attitude

The aspirants should not get demotivated during their journey of IIM CAT preparation. If you are facing any issue in any subject it should be addressed immediately. Negative attitude lowers one’s energy and thereby affects the results of your CAT exam. Therefore, it is necessary that the faster you come out of the negative state of mind, the more productive it will be.

Henceforth, students should make a strategy to master each subject of the CAT exam to get admission in a reputed institute. You should also refer to the previous year’s CAT exams to get a brief idea about the level of exam. You need to be thorough with CAT registrations, eligibility criteria, cut-offs, CAT syllabus, and exam pattern. 

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