The 5 Best video streaming sites on the internet today

No doubt you are one of the many internet users who like to sit back and relax with an exciting new film or binge-watch your favorite show after a hectic week. As there are a plethora of different streaming sites, one can get overwhelmed with the choices. But does it really matter? Isn’t every video streaming site more or less the same?

Well, not really. There are plenty of great streaming sites for both movie streaming and TV streaming. You want to choose ones that have a unique spin and deliver the best content at the best prices.

Here are some of the best streaming sites that you should consider for your next movie night or TV show weekend:

  1. Hulu

While Hulu does have a paid version, the free version of Hulu does have a lot to offer. Whether you want movies or tv shows, there is an abundance of great content on Hulu.

With the free version of Hulu, you will have to put up with occasional advertising to interrupt your content. However, these are seldom and often you can choose the type of commercials that you wish to watch.

Hulu has taken the streaming world by storm and is a formidable competitor to sites like Netflix. Any streaming-junkie should have a subscription to Hulu.

If you do sign up for the service, make sure you check out the best shows to watch on Hulu.

  1. Netflix

Netflix pretty much pioneered video streaming services. While you might have expected Netflix to be an option on this list, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the hype.

Netflix predicted that competing video streaming sites would join the market. As a result, it has taken steps to be ahead of the competition. If you are a fan of international content, you needn’t look further than Netflix.

For example, you might want to spend a Friday night watching a Korean horror film. There are plenty of those on Netflix! Or perhaps you want to spend the weekend watching a Scandinavian mystery series. Netflix has got you covered.

Netflix has also made a name in the entertainment industry for their original content. From original shows such as Narcos and original films such as Marriage Story, Netflix has created exclusive content (in a number of languages across different countries) that rival that of any major film/TV production company.

Try out their 14 day free trial and we are sure you won’t be canceling your subscription afterward!

  1. Amazon Prime Video

The internet’s largest marketplace has it all — including a great selection of films and TV shows. If you have an Amazon Prime account this entitles you to view a large number of films and TV shows at no additional cost. Some films do cost an extra fee to rent and often have the option to purchase the film so you can view it at any time.

Amazon Prime Video is especially good for finding older gems. Remember those great Michael Douglas films from the 1990s? Pretty much all of them are on Prime Video.

What about that obscure film from the 1970s that you never got to see? You might find it on Prime Video. But you will also find recent films and TV shows on Prime Video — probably before they arrive on Netflix or Hulu.

Prime Video has also created relationships with channels such as ShowTime so you can watch content from these channels on your Amazon Prime account at an additional charge. Prime Video also has great original content, particularly with shows such as The Boys and Utopia.

  1. MUBI

Are you one of those film nerds who prefer to be known as a cinephile? Do you have an insatiable appetite for great cinema from across the globe?

You want to subscribe to MUBI. This is a unique video streaming site that curates great cinema from across the globe. These films are periodically added to the website and are shown for a limited period.

One month you might get an introduction to Japanese Yakuza films and another month you’ll receive recommendations for American Art House films.

MUBI has captured the attention of cinephiles across the world. If you have difficulty finding out what film to watch on a streaming site, this one will send the best recommendations your way.

  1. Tubi

If you’re on a budget and on the lookout for a great video streaming site, you can’t beat Tubi’s price (it’s free!). Tubi focuses on sharing recent mainstream films and TV shows on their website.

They remove them on a regular basis, more so than other streaming sites. So if you find something you want to watch, don’t put it off. One downside of this service is that the maximum resolution for content is 720p.

But the counter to these small downsides is that the content is entirely free. If you find that you don’t always have time to watch great content and need to save money, you can stick to Tubi until you transition to another streaming site on this list.

Honorable Mentions

Apart from these 5 great video streaming sites, there are some honorable mentions that you might wish to consider.

For example, if you are the kind of person who loves MUBI, you should also consider subscribing to The Criterion Channel. They share films from The Criterion Collection, which curates films of cultural/historical significance from around the world and throughout time periods.

Many of your favorite TV channels will have an option for streaming content, such as HBO Max. If you are a fan of British cinema and TV shows, you have to subscribe for a BritBox membership.

If you’re a sports fanatic, there are plenty of options available to you. YouTube TV is great for national sports events such as NBA Championships or the Super Bowl. You can also opt for FuboTV that has a variety of sports tournaments to watch.

You can also find many great films to watch on both YouTube (for free and for a one-time charge) and on Vimeo On-Demand.

Find a Video Streaming Site and Start Watching!

Now that you know what are the best video streaming sites available, you can subscribe to the ones that suit your needs. Make sure to share this guide with your fellow film and TV fanatics!

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