The Antique Church Impact: Furniture Ideas

Would you like to make your home look like an old church? There are some tweaks that need to be made to make the most of this, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There is no doubt that classic contemporary furniture is enjoying great success and wide acceptance in many stately and timeless homes.

How to create it in an interior?


The modern classic style is a thoughtful blend of modern chic decor and neoclassical style. French and Russian architecture are both classical and neoclassical. It is a style that was forged between these two countries. Even though these two styles seem diametrically opposed, when done carefully and with control it isn’t in fact a contradiction. The church had a certain charm during this time period. Because of this, there is a trend today for houses to resemble old churches.

A large window, antique fireplace, woodwork, and moldings are key ingredients in this type of decor.

Criteria for selection

A contemporary classic style home cannot easily have an old church effect, because it’s a non-obvious and extremely elegant type of style.

Creating such a mood is not easy: it only takes a few wrong ingredients, or even a few too many, to fail. In reality, we tend to accumulate furniture in order to fill up all the available space. Sometimes this is unnecessary. To complement a historic or large building, furnishings should be well proportioned. Moreover, it is the only style that can impart your home with the charm of an old church, and thus allow us to relive historical moments and emotions that are out of the ordinary.

Furthermore, such a piece of furniture can be built even in modern apartments, not just in classic and ancient styles and you can get them from a reputed chandelier company.

The essentials

Old church effects are created by using the following elements:

  • Parquet or marble floors (mostly available on tap).
  • The colors are warm with white 9010, caramel, beige, and modern woods (no cherry…) with lively grain patterns.
  • Marble, lacquered wood, metal, and mirrors, as well as semi-glossy or glossy coatings
  • Decorative work or mouldings on the doors of furniture pieces
  • Using boiseries and decorative frames to gain advantage
  • Luxurious curtains with important fabrics
  • Capitonné work, velvet or fabric upholstery
  • Gold/pink gold/bronze chandeliers or candelabra with glass spheres and hidden LED light cut-outs
  • Existence of marble or stone chimneys, columns, arches, or preexisting architecture
  • There is no pickled wood, Arte-Povera, shabby, or Provençal style to indicate a luxe attitude.
  • Since it is not in the Scandinavian style, it is not all white or lacquered in optical white. Oak is seldom used.

With this style, depending on the amount of sculptural elements or Neoclassical details inserted, the final effect can be more or less classic. Not everything needs to be molded, inlaid, or engraved. Smooth, simple doors or upholstered furniture with a more linear style may be the choice, with a result that is closer to contemporary.

Many people object to this style because it may be “heavy”.

Although it’s neither cheap nor minimalist, it manages to give the impression of elegance and sophistication that is unlike any other.

This style is fundamentally capable of giving a house that old church effect, which has been so trendy and popular recently due to its strong association with historical periods artistically very passionate.